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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

My Favorite Posts of the Year

This is a list of my favorite posts over this year, I think in all that has happened it is good to look back and see how I have changed and how I keep learning new things all the time....
My writing is always living inside of me, moving through my thoughts and ideas of things I want to share. 
I will always share who I am.
My blog has become a big part of my everyday this year and now I feel like it will keep teaching me as I go, it will take me along life's path with even more things to write about, so I look forward to a new journey in a new year!

Sharing death is a very touchy subject to some, others may never want to think about it period. But I like what Harry says to Sally in the great movie "When Harry met Sally" that when the times comes he will be ready for it. I had a childhood surround by the talk of death and the questions asked of me when I was only 3 years old where do you go in the after life? Maybe it messed with my head but death has no fear over me, I don't even have a "Get out death" card like a religious person keeps with 'em. I am ready for it no matter what just as I am....No one knows this topic maybe I will always write about it because it is a mystery?

Sharing my friends, I have many good memories with my friends that could fill my heart with such joy this blog post was one of my favorites because it was showing me changing, growing up and yet still caring for my friends. My friend Benny and I still tease each other in some of the same ways but we also have grown beyond this joy ride to the depths of our changing lives.

This was hard to write actually but once I did, it laid to rest in the history of my life....I stopped carrying it around with me wondering if somehow I could have done something different..I can only learn from back then to be good at what I do now. 

When it comes to reconnecting with family in the last few years, THIS year has been amazingly full of love and new friendships like this! In my heart is a special place for Cousins.
The very first of my friends in this life time...and one of my favorite groups to write about:-)

Writing about my old church life is sometimes really fun and even sweet in remembering, but mostly I am left in awe that I am out! I am free like with no mafia threat to a shorter life span even....I am in awe!

In the mirror I wish I could have frozen myself, and never allowed the next month's drama of my mother's stroke to take me down so hard! But then going down is the event getting back up is the new strength from in with yourself that will never be put out once it's lit!

This is my most favorite blog of the whole year....I bet you know why, such JOY!
Then THIS DAY was a big deal for me after such living in hell at the hospital.....There is no comfort quite as good as a dog who loves you when no one else is around!

My highlight memory of this blogging year was the Jon Katz book signing in of such happiness that I will always remember!

This is my favorite picture of the whole year also:-)
My beloved sweet Aunt Chris, she is my dearest wonderful friend!


  1. I've enjoyed reading your blog practically every day this year Debby. Keep up the good work!!


  2. Hey thanks Dad
    I will keep writing but I am going slow it down a bit...:-)