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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Simply Beautiful!

Today my mother-in-law Jo Anne gave me a gift that will last a life time, Pictures to hang on my wall of my pets that have filled my heart and soul of who I am.....
I know that Mama Jojo is very talented with arts and crafts with general style and class in gifts. She loves perfect little bows on amazingly wrapped nicely Christmas gifts. This morning when I saw these fascinating pictures I almost cried with such joy in knowing THESE will come with me through out my whole life and it's not very often I think that about stuff....Life is so short, a dog's life is even shorter so to capture them in this way was a touching gift that Mom made! Having in-laws like I do, remembering back when I needed parents the most they were there! Mom knew this gift idea would be so loved by me, Of course now Mom said she has to add Minnie to our wall also hahahahahaha! I love these classic pictures of Oscar, Sidda and the cat Tinker belle, for They are AMAZING!!!
                                  MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE

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