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Friday, December 16, 2011

Seasons of LOVE

It is my favorite day of the whole week this month....FRIDAY. Because my husband takes the day off work to come along with me to help my mother and be around my brothers out on the farm. It makes the over an hour drive less stressful to laugh along listening to the radio and having my Tony with me! He has been amazing through out all these past 7 months since my mother's stroke and other family dramas. He will always be right next to me no matter what else this crazy life throws at us just as I know in my heart I will be for him! Life does change and things happened that leave us never the same again so if you can have a friendship willing to change also and stay steady in such storms then maybe that is how marriages can out last the cloud cover? I am not an expert and I am not a fortune teller so to say My sweet man and I will out last even the sunshine isn't really practical BUT I don't live in the practical place very often as I am a dreamer seeking the happy ending and the magical gift of everlasting strong growing LOVE. This is the holiday season of LOVE and I am both honored and happy to have my hubby accompany me to help out my father and just be with my mother during these adjusting difficult times for them, for us all actually.....LOVE will always win out over an angry face or a "Pay back/ you owe me" attitude. My parents don't owe me anything, I don't belong to them as well but however our lives unfolded in the past I can learn to let go of uncertain old memories with living with love in THIS moment and the help of those who fill my life right now I can shine and I can give with no strings attached! 
Today is another one of those early mornings get ready and go! Only I don't go alone....I have so much LOVE always with me to keep me safe and warm, I have my husband and best friend who never gives up on my family's craziness because he says I am still worth it! I love him so much and sharing my life with all our seasons of LOVE together makes moments like this PERFECT!

"Measure your life in LOVE...."

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