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Friday, December 23, 2011

O Holy Time

It is the holiday again where Christmas opens a magical feeling every where! Last year's blog has me happy to recall and remember how I knew deep down that was going to be a classic memory the kind that you never want to leave or change. But time will carry it away nevertheless....Oh Holy Time when life seemed perfect because I chose to see it that way. I tell myself that kind of story often if the story makes me sad or upset I change it so I see the GOOD in the moment that might win over the bad....The truth is we are not in a perfect world so a perfect memory and a good story really helps us live easier. I am VERY ready for a new year, for a new start at life around us. Last year I kept feeling like everything was wonderful for I had talked honestly to my mother of all the reasons we didn't like coming over to her home for Christmas eve, one simple thing was when we go there no one greeted us or said "Thanks for driving so far out to join us." It really left us wondering if we were invited or just in the way. But after sharing that kind of info to my mother I saw her change becoming hospitable and out going when we showed up Christmas eve 2010. I wrote a blog about it actually in awe by how wonderful and loving that night was! The first in a decade actually that really felt like Christmas again. It made me wonder what the following Christmas would be like because I felt like something was changing. Now I see how much my questions are answered, how changed my mother is....How I am glad to have last year remembered and loved! So this is Christmas once again yet we are changed, once again nothing will be the same. Nothing except the spirit of the season and the joy in the music decorates our lives bringing a smile of the magic in Christmas!

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