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Monday, December 12, 2011

To The Trees

The Christmas I remembered that we had a very small tree, was a year when everything was a bit stressful on my parents. Although every Christmas was something they agreed easily over, They really went crazy celebrating together with shopping lists and decorating. I loved how my father hid his gifts so no one knew anything about them, not even if they were for other people. he honestly got mad if we shared what we were getting each other. My mother made everything match from her country style tree with ordainment apples and baby's breath poking out among the branches. To her farm fabric ribbons and matching paper. I will always like how Christmas brought us together even when it was stressful and strained financially.

"That tree is way to small!" I exclaimed when we walked the rows of fresh ever green trees in the parking lot of K mart. My father replied "It's fine, we will put it on the table so you will think it's big." I rolled my eyes saying "Daaaaadddyyy." as I always did when I knew he was being silly. Mom let us kids decorate the small tree while singing Christmas songs all on our own. We thought we were so grown up to do it without any help. Although the decor ended up being lopsided on the tree we were still so very proud! It was the first time I realized that the size of the tree doesn't matter for when you love it, you can see it still shines!

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