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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Against the Grain

"Against the grain is a way of life..."

Being Paleo isn't as hard as I first thought it would be. Back when I was vegetarian in my early 20's THAT was much harder then when I decided being primal was amazingly healthy. I did the whole tofu and soy milk thingy for several years and yet nothing made me feel as healthy and strong as I do NOW. I wish everyone could discover this so that is why I am coming out of the closet on this...the "Pantry Closet" I mean. I threw away 4 different types of sugar and 3 different types of flours...when I finally made a commitment this summer to be REAL. Real in my food choices, real in my baking and real in good fats for our bodies.....right now I am in a size 10! How did I get HERE! There is a fiber myth out there in our society, I want to help share not put down all the fiber eating people. I was a BIG fiber eater, both in always wanting homemade granola, bran muffins and 7 grain breads and big in my waist line!! I haven't increase my exercise at all, if anything I have SLOWED way down from my life working a busy coffee shop or training my new puppy, walking and running every day even twice a day, cleaning my home and well now I walk much less and don't freak out when fall leaves cover my floor with the trails of my dogs......LIFE is far better for me then when I was in my 20's. I am actually lazy in this new decade, and loosing weight is opposite to what we have been told! 
I live "against the grain" on many levels, but one level lately I have noticed true changes is in eating primal and respecting sleep. Staying up all night over 2o years or so will give you cancer or other health problems, along with only eating white meat will cause your teeth to fall out. But people are not always sure if these things are connected it takes time to research and follow up on what isn't told to us as a society.  Simple nutrition where did THAT go? How did we loose this information over the last hundreds of years???
Fiber from all kinds breads and grains is killing us slowly, artificial lights confuse our sleep patterns in aging us quickly, and we find ourselves living against our bodies, fighting with it to look a certain way for that certain image. Does it makes sense to wash your hair stripping it of all the natural oils with these shampoos (unknown long term effects man made chemicals)?!?! Only to then blow dry it suddenly unnaturally to be crispy and fizzy? THEN (an here is the REAL kicker) you ADD oils and jells BACK into your head for stylin' purposes! How long with this go on until one day someone says "I can save so much $ just showering in simple water and a wash cloth?" When it comes to our food and our hygiene, we have been sold an easy life with out all the answers to what is actually IN these products......and even bigger question is unanswered to WHAT is it doing inside or on ourselves!

LIVE against the grain as a way of LIFE! 
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  1. YEAH!! You feel and look healthier so why not do this? It's easy to do, makes so much sense, and it works!