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Saturday, December 3, 2011

The Paleo Path

It is frustrating how much gluten is out there in our restaurants, fast foods or grocery stores....frustrating but manageable I guess. Knowing what to order is the trick, like what is the healthier choice? This isn't found in books like "Eat this, not that". Those ideas come from a low fat, low calorie approach. I have a hard time in talking with most everyone about nutrition....I speak "against the grain" (No pun intended...okay wait, that was VERY CLEVER to put it THAT way hahahaha) The Paleo Path freaks everyone out I have noticed. AND I was skeptical for MONTHS so I know how hard it is to talk to people about what they eat. When my husband discovered his vitamin miracles and high fat/low carb diet he lost so much weight with a happy steady mood I took notice and wondered more about this..... It is a WONDERFUL life to be this happy indeed!!! I am energized and noticing so many good changes in myself, I am playful and wear clothes I never thought I would again. FAT is what our bodies needs to heal from the inside out, cushion joints and smooth out our skin.
Going back to being Primal, back to the way we use to eat before our grain, wheat, flour and agriculture shift to CORN. Now since corn is in EVERYTHING along with  fine sugars, We are doomed to be big, to be fat. This isn't from eating fat or being lazy, I think the misunderstanding about fat people vs. skinny people is a HUGE mistake in our society. fat people are not always lazy and skinny people are always healthy. The  combinations in our food is unnatural to our survival history as humans.....Imagine those 2 things like corn and sugar mixed together they are like a lit cigarette landing on a puddle of gasoline. WHOOOOOOOOOOSH Our bodies inflame by such chaos and confusion in breaking down corn and processing sugar...since it is already sugar how do we brake this down into our bodies as sugar again? THEN our Insulin level kicks in so we don't just fall over dead suddenly by this poison we have eaten....ironically sugar free items are even harder on our bodies because it can't be broken down correctly to our bodies, in fact it is so foreign this sugar free stuff that it cause cancers and strokes. Simply put it messes EVERYTHING up inside of our metabolism, (so PLEASE stay away from sugar-free anything especially splenda) 
The Truth is we are so far from our natural human bodies that we blame TV or computer games when really we just become what we eat. It is a big scheme to go sugar free or fat free, I have known this deep down inside of me since I was kid. Because my body was telling me when I was being "Poisoned" by diet coke or splenda in my Kool-aid. I would taste low fat milk and automatically gag. Children are the clearest in understanding how their bodies feel in reaction. Just look at our history on food and see how our children have changed too. I find this all so amazing!  I am not against doctors, I am not out to be a "witch doctor" either. I am against the last 40/50 years of misunderstanding and manipulation over our food system.....What we are told and what our bodies tell us are NOT the same I ask myself "Who do I believe? my body is improving as I pay attention to it, as I give it's primal life back or the health association of massive people putting artificial flavors and wax into my food for a longer shelf life because of profit? hmmmmmm good questions" 
Now I know you may or may not agree with me. But I am going to share myself always with or without approval. I understand sometimes it's best not to share anymore when some one is judging loudly in my face, (People like that are best left to figure it out for themselves, I am not responsible for such reactions) I know what I can share here today is from my heart and my own life experiences. I have learned so much in my happy healthy helpful life changing ways...Walking the Paleo Path and eating great foods still!

Once you try this, going primal...You will see your own body respond and it will let you know if it works or not.But you have to take that step to join me on this path! (Hope I get to keep my sparkling red shoes on as I walk along or skip along down the paleo path!)

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