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Friday, December 2, 2011

Christmas Shopping with Mom

Yesterday was such a good day with my mother in going to town, we went shopping to a few stores and walked the mall in Nampa. Mom's youngest sister my Aunt Karen joined us for such a nice relaxing time. We all discussed pants, shirts and things mom wanted to get. I liked watching Mom joke with her sister while enjoy shopping. We took in the Christmas decor, and enjoyed a big lunch at the Chinese restaurant. It was amazing to me how easy parking was, how fast they got our food to us and how smooth shopping all went. I also watched how wiped out mom got to make sure she didn't over do it all in one day. My Aunt Karen was such a wonderful help in visiting with my mom, in carrying the shopping bags and sharing laughter. When I got Mom home and cozily set up in her couch we looked over her purchases and talked about the stores and things we saw. She quickly grew sleepy and I knew this was such a nice time. My Father was really friendly and talkative, we talked about up coming plans for this month so I thought this was a really good start to the holidays!

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