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Monday, December 19, 2011

Hot water, Cold water

I have enjoyed spending time with my mother so much this month, I have noticed how well she is getting around day by day. For when she is determined to move she will! I can see her frustration in not getting around as fast as she wants, but she is up out of her wheel chair when she has her cane and wants to go! and I told her THAT alone is a great accomplishment! Her little cottage is so beautiful, all new and cozy. I have been spending time around my 12 year old brother Davey quite a bit in helping mom and cooking. So when I said that hot water turns into ice cubs faster then cold water, Davey began to laugh and wonder how does THAT make sense. Then as I began to cook the frozen fish one afternoon I mention to him that cold water running will defrost faster then hot water. My brother began shaking his head in this confusion and we laughed for awhile over how those facts don't make sense...Hot water, Cold water, cooking and cleaning all my little info's on what I know seem make Davey stop to think about it. When my husband roasted up shredded pork in the kitchen I loved the wonder in my little brother's eyes. There is this huge big world full of wonderful things, great foods and places to see that is just waiting for him to embrace! I wonder if everything will still be interesting as he grows up, will he have a good good life? I hope so! I like to think something as funny to us in Mom's kitchen that cold water heats and hot water freezes will be just the beginning.....of all the beauty he will learn!

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