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Saturday, April 21, 2018

Farm Dog

My husband Tony was asking me what was I singing the other day and I thought I should post this wonderful song that I love so much!
It makes me smile and feel so happy to have such wonderful dogs in my life!
Thanks to Farmer Derek for making such a great song for me to sing in my day!

Monday, April 16, 2018

Ranching Awesome (Thrift Shop Parody)

Whenever I need a laugh or to dance a jig I find Farmer Derek on Youtube! I have been following his stuff for years now and I adore him!

If I could be such a talented farmer and animated performer like him I would know that I have arrived to living the good life!

In fact I noticed in the music my friend listened to going out to Pocatello Idaho was the kind of songs he usually chooses to make his parodies!

How funny to have running through my head his words and his clever videos while her music played out the original songs.......I love Farmer Derek for bringing me such depth in the outside world AND for making me laugh so much too!

It feels good to be Ranching Awesome! 

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Living in the Old and the New

Last week sure flew by, as I accompanied my friend Jess to Pocatello Idaho. She needed company for a week so we stayed in a cute basement home with a nice kitchen that we could cook all our meals there.

I was impressed by Pocatello with so many old buildings, so much history among the mountains and beautiful country side.

I was noticing the old and the new all swirling around in that town, We went shopping downtown one day and discovered some fun thrift shops and antique stores.
One antique store was huge! With 3 stories full of time traveling items, with the browsing and the walking I enjoyed a break at the coffee shop that reminded me of the treasure valley's Flying M.

I think that when the old was once new it was vibrant and hopeful so now I wonder if what we build is new for today would last as long as these first buildings for a town? The time I enjoyed walking around was delightful and reflective.
I saw so many things my Grandma and my mother had owned while I was growing up but I am not into stuff, not into collectibles so I see these things on the shelf as time stands still.
I would think everything we chase to purchase, everything we spend our hard earned money on will one day be put on the shelf for half the cost. I am left very hopeful for the future in being better at consuming and saving, realizing making money to but new things is rather fertile.
I am grateful for thrift shops, for recycling and creativity in reusing the same old item into something new.

I would love to live in a small old town, this feeling came to me while staying in Pocatello for a week, I guess it's a part of who I have always been.

In our last night we went out to a yummy steak house that was once an old hotel, this new way of using the space with wine tastings and fun menu items made me truly enjoy the evening. 

As we left Pocatello in the morning on April 6th I was also left thinking how funny to be in the very town my husband was born in on that day 38 years ago....
The old and the new are always with us. 
For we all live for awhile with everything new to us and then slowly everything grows old. 

I am left in awe of that bitter sweet realization.

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Living Wild

To say that I love horses as often as I do is very true, I am in awe of their strength and their talents. I am often curious about them and yet hesitant too.  
Because I use to ride them as a kid whenever we visited our friend's home but being bucked off or bitten by them reminds me that they are real strong independent creatures of this earth.

To see the horses at my cousin's farm last summer I am delighted and aware of their amazing beauty!

This world has changed for them, yet they live on.

This world has all but rejected them, yet they don't care.

This world has lost it's natural connection and respect in learning to live more side by side with the wild.....

  I am inspired by such creatures as horses to not give up, to not hold it against us as humanity distores their way of life.

I am inspired by wild horses too of course. 

For wild Horses are such fascinating creatures, to see how Idaho has given them such life and such freedom to be together in this "Outdoor Idaho." episode.

         My heart is bursting with love for the wonderful State and for all the wild life we have surrounding us. Sometimes I am discouraged, I am annoyed by how fast the towns are turning into cities in this land.
I was born in northern Idaho, I grew up in the treasure valley and I lived through all my teen years on an orchard farm so now as an adult I realize I am not happy in the city for long, being social and doing fun things can make living life in a suburbia really nice yet whenever there is over population there will be problems. I have been reading about how fast development is happening here in Idaho all around so these are changing times. Watching this episode of wild horses gave me such comfort in thinking even though it's getting crowded in the cities we can always move out to help care for the horses!

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Living in Lava Hot Springs


     As the stream came off the pool surrounded by many different shape pools, as the hillside was the back drop to the Hot springs we had come from Pocatello to sit and relax, my friend Jess needed a buddy for her week long stay in Pocatello so I was happy she asked me!
I haven't been any where all winter.......
It's always been on my list to revisit Lava Hot Springs, because the last time was cut short when my husband had to get back to work right away. I always knew that I would love to see more of the place someday.........
It was so wonderful!
If I lived there I would go every day, I would just sit and star at all the majestic mountains surrounding a town that reminds me of old small places in Idaho not touched by the modern world quite yet....
Driving out there made me wonder about who owns those farms, who lives out into such beautiful country side?
When the wind isn't strong the whole place is simply nice to just be.
As the stone benches and the strong railing helps everyone get in and out, the many different pools of temperature was fascinating to me!
If I got really hot I could move to a different place to sit back in the sun light or in a covered area, in the steam or out I truly loved this place!
......................And of course I plan on returning again!
                                              LAVA HOT SPRINGS   

Monday, March 26, 2018

Living a Loving Life

It's a lovely day after our big snow storm yesterday, funny how crazy spring weather is as we had lots of rain and wind all week.
I have been rather busy, and I don't like being busy truly......
But I am watching many garden shows to bring me into focus on the future and all the exciting ideas I have for improving our big backyard so as I watch spring sneak in slowly I happily went to my friends house down the street as they are now home from the last 90 days of having their new born baby boy in the NICU. 
Seeing them was truly delightful!
I remember how I got the news that she had gone into labor so early and I just held my breath as tears rolled quietly down my face as this wasn't what we had been planning and excitedly waiting for.....then when their beautiful little guy almost died 4 times I thought it was turning into such an evil winter, when his young aunt died I knew there's simply no way we become stronger for him then to just cry so that one day when he swings away at the park we can smile even bigger for him!
All of life is like that the dark cold sad winter struggle into the new spring of gratefulness and resting reflection just as we reach into the dirt and help new life begin again!
Spring with left over snow seemed perfect as I sat with them delighting in seeing them all together cozy and safe in their wonderful home!
Living a loving life, sharing it with friends and being in the sunshine again as the growing baby boy brings smiles to everyone faces!
.......I am in awe of such joy again......

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Hootie And The Blowfish - Hold My Hand

This song is perfect timing in facing the future, in learning what this life together looks likes as my husband and I work together more. I think we have come a long ways in almost 20 years knowing each other that I look back in awe.
I look back with a chuckle and I simply hold his hand now as he can reach his goals and make his dreams come true!
We just say goodbye to our old car, the one we bought right after we got married almost 15 years ago so I feel like it's the end of an era. We just shared how strange it is to see where we go from here, yet we have strong new wheels and into the unknown future we drive on together!