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Sunday, November 12, 2017

My Favorite Moment

Since magic is apart of me in everything I do, I can say without a doubt that the scene in the movie "Fantastic Beasts and where to find them." is one of the sweetest moments in all of time!

.....When Queenie says goodbye to Jacob Kowalski......

(Since I was Queenie for Halloween this year, I discovered this drawing from the amazing movie and smiled to myself, for Love is the best kind of magic of ALL)

Sunday, November 5, 2017

My Guest Room


It's always a wonderful thing to have, a guest room for visitors and cozy comfort!

It's always on my list of what kind of rooms in my house that I would want, a guest room would come first to me over an "office" and over a "Craft room." 

It's apart of my childhood staying with extended family so as I kid I can remember how important your own bed away from home is, how nice it is when people we visited had an actual guest room and extra bathroom.

My husband didn't grow up like that, he rents a hotel room without any question or doubt when visiting extended family. So I have learned so much from him in the true comfort while traveling or visiting people.

Yet when I create a Guest room I am very proud, I am very pleased to see it set up, welcoming in at any time my company.

It's important to me when my mother comes to stay with me that she sees fresh flowers in the window, that it all smells like Lavender and the lamp by her bed works for when she reads into the late night......

This has been a busy fun weekend with her here, I like how the guest bathroom isn't far from her bed, how comfortable she is on the big couch that was my brother Derek's in our living room. I told Mom that Derek and I had a lot of similar colors in our homes, it was easy to merge his things and mine together in this lovely home.....

It's a home with 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms so I get to setup my guestroom in such pretty perfection while organizing all my husband's office supplies in the next room over where he is all setup for his own privacy, his own morning coffee time away from the rest of the home.

It's a very peaceful neighborhood, very beautiful all around us!
 I use the upstairs room for extra stuff like arts and crafts with a toy box when kids visit. I hope to paint flowers up there this next spring for it's a wonderful extra bedroom, I have a reading/knitting corner up there to look out over my new home!

It's been a few months in getting settled, but my most favorite room of all is the kitchen. Of course in any home I love my kitchen but here in this floor plan I can cook in the kitchen while having company sit at the dining room table or while my mother has a cup of tea in her chair still talking to me never out of each other's sight.  

It will make the holidays so comfortable being here!

Thursday, November 2, 2017

My Halloween Friends

It's crazy to remember how 4 years ago I went out into the magical beautiful Halloween night with my life long friend Tiffany and her 4 children. It was safer for her to walk with the 2 older as I walked with the 2 younger....We had such an awesome memorable night all of us dressed up!

It's crazy how different their lives are now, how grateful I was to have them over in my new home full of magic and full of great wonder!

We danced and laughed, we shared stories and we walked through a lively active neighborhood.....I have tried to see them every Halloween as they went through their parents divorced and new schools.
I love how smart their youngest kid is, my friend Shane who gives me a hug every time saying "I wish I could live here with you again." For we had one of the best summers all together in the foothills talking about bugs and the constant cuddles of my dogs on the floor with him. We had long talks about being nice and good to animals for he has a natural love for the creatures of the world. While that was the busiest summer of my whole life, I am still glad I agreed to help out my friend....she needed a safe place to regroup, her kids and I embraced the summer fully!

It's crazy how fast they are growing up, I always knew that this would happen and told their Mom all the time in case she forgot during that rough summer for her......."These days will not last long....for when they are all grown up they will be to busy for us!"

I look back at how grateful I am to have such good friends, Halloween is a holiday for the children so quite naturally I always hope to see them in any way possible!

Last year I took them to their school Halloween party and was blown away by how cool it was all setup! I enjoyed every minuet of that wonderful time of course.........
Now for this year we walked through my new neighborhood and we saw so many awesome scary things! There were groups of kids running the sidewalks all over the place and I felt so happy to just embrace the great weather of a perfect fall evening with my Halloween friends!

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

My Black Cat

It's been a magical adventure for me in loving my big fat black cat as he was young even a bit skinny back in 2011, every morning I drank my coffee watching him walk the sidewalk in front of my cottage.  My dog Oscar would bark at him in alarm but Lewis never stopped on his morning mission to go eat whatever Bernice set out on her front porch step for him of bacon bits and eggs. I saw him eating this all as she told me that she always feeds the neighborhood cats we had 3 of them at the time. 
Lewis was my other neighborhood's cat so by the summer of 2012 when we moved in to his home I had a trusting friendship with Lewy already established.  
Yet My husband kept saying "Do not claim this cat as your own." he warned that we couldn't take on another cat at all. I  struggled so much in trying not to care over Lewis but he was left with the home he had grown from a kitten at, so I naturally felt he should stay in the safety of what he knows for his beautiful life story! 
I am in awe of my life time with Lewis now, He's my sweetie pie for sure! He still trust me fully and always, and he still loves for me to carry him around on my shoulder.............. 
I look back in awe that he naturally became my second cat.

Yesterday he caught a big mouse out back by the wood pile and I was appalled and impressed.

This morning he helped me decorate for Halloween as my friend's kids are coming over and I have made lots of fun foods in the theme of "gross monster guts", I sprinkle spider confetti out and Lewis jumped back like they were real to him! What a smart cat!

I had worried so much over this big move to Meridian, that it would freak out all 3 of my cats, instead they were very lazy in the  transition and they have love it here instantly! 
I am grateful that they all get along for the most part very peacefully. 
I am grateful to have a nice friendly neighborhood full of Halloween decor and lots of laughing kids around. 
(I can't wait to see how decorated it is here for Christmas!)

My big black cat Lewis has always helped me decorate for Halloween so nicely in every way! 
and I am grateful for him too!

I think that my story of Lewis and my relationship with him now reminds me every day that no one can tell me to leave an animal alone when I feel in my very soul that this creature needs me.....
Back when I thought I would never see Lewy again I cried so much and now I kiss him every morning with such happiness that he is mine! 

My Lewy boy is truly an Awesome black cat that I feel how wonderful it is to have him in my life and How good it is to have him by my side on every Halloween! 

Friday, October 27, 2017

Imagine Dragons - Whatever It Takes

I've been feeling very strong lately, very focused on what needs to get done around my home.

I've been feeling a bit panicked by the soon to arrive winter that I hate so much!

I've been feeling helpless in what to do when the snow arrives.....I guess last winter was just so horrible that I keep remembering it with alarm and anxiousness!

I been feeling like Spring can't get here fast enough and yet we haven't even had a single day in winter yet.....

I like this song for helping me stay strong, stay hopeful.

I've been feeling so sad over how I will never ever like snow again, (for it claimed my brother's life so I will hate snow to the very day I die too.....)

Even in it's pure white fresh beauty I will never like it.
That's why this song helps me face winter now 

Friday, October 20, 2017

Idaho Landscapes

               It had been 4 years since my husband and I had taken a vacation, a real relaxing vacation. I struggled greatly in not wanting to leave my pets, but it all turned out even though I felt like there was so much to do to get on the road.....
My Oscar has been acting up, easily attacking our Minnie. It makes him an unstable old dog now that I stay very close to him at all times or he goes off by himself wanting a break from everyone even the cat Tinker bell who he grew up with. So I know he's coming to the end of his life getting him some pain killing meds I noticed he improved as we moved this last September.
Yet now he gets confused, he doesn't see as well and he drools all the time in lacking some of his teeth. My heart's joy is that he melts into me and lays his head under my chin on my shoulder as I carry him, we still run and play, we still toss the ball and we are still mostly always fact I have no plans for the future in my understanding NOW is all we have to be together, I am not going any where without my Oscar <3 
Taking this road trip up north, Tony and I talked about the death of our pets as we can see on the horizon of was good to share about what we will do to be on the same page at such a sad time ahead. That magical Idaho landscape helped me know that I proud of how I raised Oscar, how I spoil Sidda and how I enjoy Minnie! How all 3 cats were left setup safely 2 big litter boxes each and a friend to check on their water/food. Cats are always easier to leave home when on a week long vacation...Oscar was able to spend his time withe his "Grandpa" Kelly and Sidda was cuddled by "Grandma." Teresa as Tony and I rented a lovely place by the Couerd"Alene lake where Minnie loved being an only dog in our care. 

It was so beautiful every where as fall was in full force! 
I drove on in such joy of this adventure ahead!
It was so much fun to realize I needed to get out into the world around me.....
For my pet care, my unpacking boxes, my car troubles, my concern over my mother have all kept me distracted lately.

So we rented a car for the open road! 
We talked and laughed a long the way!
We felt like we were kids at play or on a new holiday!
What a magically new way to see the landscape of Idaho! 
I hope to do more driving out and about in it in the future!

I am grateful to learn on this trip just how tired I am in my heart and soul, how worried I've been over everything and realizing I need to heal, I learned how much older I have grown, how my body has changed to feel aged. I enjoy the week away for it gave me insight into my own mind and my own new way of living. I do love my new home, my brother's home....I feel like I am exactly where I need to be.
Yet sometimes Idaho's landscape reminds me that nothing will last, nothing will be as important as the sun set, the fresh air and the beauty of this earth.

I am grateful to cry and to hurt among the ever green trees as I miss my brother Derek.
I am grateful to hug and to visit with our extended family up north through out that vacation get away week.

I am now in awe of Idaho's beauty and comfort in living here.

Coming home just before the bad winter weather arrived made me think about the future because nothing stays the same so I shouldn't worry so much, yet for now I am slowing down. I am here in this home and moment of time.

I count my blessing looking around me at 3 napping old pup pups, in 3 cuddling purring kitties. 
I count my blessing in being a homemaker, In my baking and my cooking, I count my blessings in cleaning my new home and honoring the memory of Derek.

For the future is open wide, the future is beautiful like a Idaho sun rise.....
..... and yet we will always have to say "Goodbye."

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Sia - To Be Human