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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Goodbye to Rose

When my father-in-law Kelly called me to ask if I knew anything about Rose dying from Bedlam Farm this morning, I realized suddenly why I had not been reading Jon Katz blog every morning like I usually do.....not since Thursday December 8th.....weird, I got a sad feeling that day and didn't return to the blog like I felt something is happening to Rose. I couldn't bare the idea of this dog dying for she has almost mystical powers to understand her role in life and her job to do......I simply LOVED her...Love her even now as she is a spirit with the stars. I am sad today because I miss her, I am still glad Dad called me to let me know about Rose. I recap the bedlam Farm blog quickly to  follow the deep tears down my face.
I wanted to hide away from reading about her passing and never make it a reality, yet I had to read about what Jon was sharing for with Rose he always felt safe on his farm. I like that kind of safety and comfort too.....Our Rose in a Storm, in the sun light and in our books has left us all admiring her years and the good good life that she gave us readers and her owners!
Goodbye to ROSE for we hug her heart shape face close to our tearful smile that she brings us! 

Bedlam farm

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