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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Makeover Minnie

One week ago today I took in my sister's stray dog, Meemee. My sister explained to me how much she hated this dog, and she had a few crazy stories of Memee that I didn't like how misunderstood this dog was. My sister is burning her life's candle from both ends, extremely busy with her kids, her home and hubby, along with her job and care over our mother. The fact her husband brought home a stray dog wasn't the right timing for her life for extra love on a stinky matted oil covered dog.
"What the hell have I done?" I asked myself as she began peeing when Meemee saw me at the very first time, she looked terrified and when I walked her through the neighborhood I asked myself how did this all happen? How can I care for a 3rd dog right now? She looked like an old old dog with poo caked into her butt, and heavy dark stiff fur. Her cracked paws and blood shot eyes proved she lived a hard life so far. I began to love her instantly knowing I don't care how she use to live or how she was treated. She is now in my hands full of calming safety and unconditional love. "What I have done, is bring you into my heart, today you are named Minnie. You are re-born into comfort. Lets make a deal that you don't bite my other dogs or cat and we will be good friends." She titled her head as I said this to her just before she met the other pets of my home. Since that was a week ago she has honored my words by not challenging or showing any aggression! What an amazingly sweet girl she is! JUST like Minnie Mouse she gives lovingly to everyone she meets! Her make over was wonderful after a whole day at the doggie spa with lavender scented oils and all day care, she calmed down feeling much better. Vanessa at Green dog Grooming in Eagle Idaho helped me out tremendously! I would recommend her grooming to ANYONE, her personal touch, calmness and natural healing in understanding dogs gave me a new start with Minnie. If I can find Minnie a good good home that would be a true fairy tale story from rags to riches. But if she ends up be coming part of my pack, she will be a treasured member forever!
just ONE WEEK AGO......Meemee became Minnie, Minnie became a happy healthier cockier spaniel in her total makeover! 

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