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Monday, December 5, 2011

The Trolley House

There are magical words I love to hear when waking up in these cold winter mornings, words that either whispered or shouted still give me goose bumps! 
I suddenly shot out of bed knocking over my sleeping dogs into a pile of pillows, as I grab my hat and pull up my jeans at the same time....I rushed to the bathroom for mouth wash but might forget to apply deodorant! hahahaha I am excited!!! TRULY FULLY HAPPY...Breakfast OUT is one of my favorite things no matter what day! Normally, I am lazy wanting to stay in the warm bed until I was sure I can see sun light outside before I get up....YET my husband knows those magical words and uses them often when he thinks I will never wake up! This weekend when he said "Lets go out for breakfast." He laughed as I jumped out of bed instantly! For I knew right where to take him, he had never been to the Trolley House here in Boise it is a cozy diner rich in history as well as located right off of Warm Spring Ave. Our breakfast was wonderful and my many breakfast meats filled me up all warm inside, Then as we left I felt like I could take on the world! I LOVE that about going out for breakfast it's relaxing as we visit and chat it up over steaming coffee, but we feel full with a brand new day of things to do! I really, really, really love going out for Breakfast:-)

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  1. We've never been here for breakfast. We'll have to try it sometime.