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Wednesday, December 7, 2011


When I have to get up early I love the therapeutic way I can wake up by making a latte:-) I will spending this day helping my mom out in her cottage. So getting up early is the only way to be on time, I get my dogs off to Teresa so they aren't stuck in their crates or outside all day. It is wonderfully helpful for me to have dog lovers like Dad and Teresa in the family! 
My mom has many projects to get done, like things I LOVE doing organizing, cleaning and moving into her handicap kitchen. This latte moment is peaceful giving me warmth and coziness before the hour drive out there....I think I should share some pictures of beautiful lattes and bring you a smile this early cold winter's mornings! 
Happy Coffee time everyone!!!


  1. Does this mean you're bringing me a latte when I'm in town for Christmas? Why thank you, thank you very much.
    P.S. I like mine with a pinch of cinnamon... :)

  2. Of Course Jason! Although it works best having the lattes at my house:-) for by the time I made it to C-town the foam would be flat...
    this = sadness in the cup:-}