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Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Well yesterday I missed my posting time...I was helping my mother all day and so I got to working hard and organizing her things in her kitchen, helping her make list of things she wants to do before Christmas...Mom made fudge and taco shells for dinner as I cut up all the fixings. It was a warm afternoon with no wind so I took her and my youngest brother Davey to the grocery store in Homedale Idaho. It has been years since I was in that place! Then we swung into Frosty Palace because I was amazed it is STILL in business! Then we took our fried chicken, milkshakes and ice cream to the park next door. We sat out there maybe a half hour but the sun was right on us and everything felt like so much fun! Davey kept asking me if I realized it was WINTER not summer....But doing a summer like thing in winter makes it all that more refreshing I explained. Although later on last night I got super sick because I never eat ice cream anymore or anything sugary actually, so my body felt like it was under attack.....when I went down the list of everything I had eaten yesterday I realized most everything is on my "Do not eat" list. YIKES! No wonder I feel like a truck hit me this morning and I forgot all about my blog for yesterday.....Time to get back on my no gluten, no sugar and more resting life style. Stay healthy out there...keep on taking the miracle vitamin C to heal quickly!

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