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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Loving Tony

Looking back at the last 14 years I can still remember when my father pulled me aside from the family event in which I had boldly brought my boyfriend Tony, I kept reassuring my mother that he and I were just friends, I honestly didn't claim him as my boyfriend for those first few months in getting know to him, out of fear that I could be wrong.....but my heart was moving beyond my common sense in dealing with MY family if I ended up being wrong about Tony they would all never let me forget it.....My father looked worried and he NEVER took the time to speak with me one to one so I knew this was something to remember. My father said "You were suppose to end your friendship with this young man, the longer you drag this on the harder it will be...especially for HIM." I realized while standing there I had been looking down at my feet, thinking to myself "What 20 year old woman has to still look down in respect or shame when speaking to her father?" This was a forceful man who never paid that much attention towards me, so now suddenly I am unsettling his family I had to look up when my father said "Anyone could see he is so in-love with you and you are NOT being nice letting him hang around." I smiled suddenly almost in a giggle because I didn't think my Father knew what being in-love was, at least not on the fairy tale level that I did. I was so impress by my father's honesty that I decide right then and there never to look back down at my feet when my father spoke to me. If you asked Tony today how all that went down he would say "It was ridiculous, I never met such a messed up situation like Debby's family but I knew from the start of it all that she was worth it!" Loving Tony has been such a big part of my life that I almost can't remember what it was like before he came along, I look back over the years in how we started out being tested for our honesty in liking each other, all the while our friendship became naturally long lasting and our love grew deep roots for the start.....I am in awe over how unjustly treated Tony was coming into my life but I saw through it all and knew I was finally "Home" with him. Being married has it's many stories, adventures and simply real life stuff....All made easier through LOVE. 
My husband Tony is one of the funniest guys I know, smart and clever full of deep discussions over coffee in the mornings. Playful in cooking dinner at night, in sharing with me all his hobbies and studies. Loving Tony is so easy, even more easier is my knowing and accepting him just as he is! I remember how first being married I was worried what people saw in him when he spoke out loudly or made a joke then I would argue with him on behavior. he pointed it out quickly how different we will always be, slowly letting go of that idea that a married couple is alike or representing each other helped me see just my husband as he is and not how I think he should be. I wonder where we get this idea of marriage? I prefer the depth, the honesty and the real person in a relationship. Loving Tony when he squeals over a spider or pukes a second after the cat just did. Loving Tony when he exclaims "What a dumb ass!" to the car that just cut us off on the road. Loving Tony as he learns to garden only to do 5 minuets of working for a beer....Loving Tony as he locks himself out of the car or forgets his coffee on top of the car. We were meant to be so different in creating a healthy fun balance of being. My life is full of laughter in loving Tony! My heart is grateful for the home we've created! Loving Tony was THE best choice and decision I have EVER made, looking back in time allows the proof to be seen, allows the lessons to be learned and I am loving it ALL!
2001 with Sweet Puppy Newton

Tony said suddenly as I walked into our condo, moving time was always stressful on him in different ways then for me. I liked to take my time organize and clean while he wants to just leave and walk away from the old place never to look back. "Why can't these neighbors know by now I am NOT like you? I don't want to get out of the car chit chatting away....I WANT to just go into my home." I chuckled as I carried in groceries having lost 15 minuets updating the neighbors on how our big move is coming along. Linda, Patty, Janet and Darlene were all interested and worried in seeing us leave after 7 years...I understood this, I liked trusting and knowing those around me too. Tony sighed as I explained "Just be nice, no one expects you stop what you are doing and the ladies DO like me more!" I was smiling big as he replied "That's fine, I just can't wait to leave this place and not have people standing on our patio watching me BBQ." The boxes were piling up at the door in my ever so detailed organized ways as he called out from the bathroom "HEY where's my toothbrush?!?" I point to the open box labeled "Bathroom stuff" He rolled his eyes "We STILL have a whole week left! I am NOT living out of a box that whole time!" I shrugged still giggling "I am always a head of the game, less stress this way in being ready..." Tony's hands flew up at the ceiling "NOT FOR ME! I can't even brush my teeth!" I paused for a moment after laughing so hard saying "Well then don't go into the kitchen...." Tony turned around in surprise after digging in the bathroom boxes "WHAT? We DO have to eat ya know....Ah yes, I see, so we eat out every night until we move for the less stress of it all." I grinned big and proud saying back in a triumphant way "Exactly!"

Loving Tony is easy because he is so lovable!

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Loving my life!

It has been adventurous falling in love with my pets, For I AM soooooo very much in LOVE!
 Being "IN" Love is a wonderful feeling of excitement full of sparks and smiles of a journey for the soul....Sometimes being in love is like a dream, a story much like a fairy tale! Each morning I look forward to cuddling with my cats and letting my dogs run around outside. Loving my life is so easy to do with so much life around me, even my chickens recognize me as I watch over my dogs in our big backyard. (I don't think that they love me, just the fresh water and grains I bring them)
This winter has found us all cozily living mostly on the couch for breakfast and coffee, After I do my cleaning chores so the cats have clean potty places, refreshed foods and waters I brush them out and talk to each one.
The dogs eat breakfast first thing in the morning while I get the eggs and coffee cooking. Then we all find a blanket to matter where I sit my dogs will find a spot beside me for that long mid-morning nap. I cuddle and kiss my dogs all day long, but being outside gardening or sitting in the sun shine with them is some of my favorite moments!

Loving my life is so easy that right now I see it as the beautiful trio! 
My beautiful dogs and my beautiful cats! I keep the home cozy, warm and clean. A friend of mine just stated my dogs are the most well groomed dogs she has ever seen and I was very proud of the comment! Fat cats and well behaved dogs all laying together make loving my life even more joyous!
Funny stories and fluffy faces follow me around every evening, each night as I call in the pets to put to bed I also double check that each cat has a bed if not sharing my own. I'm in love with my life and my time on this earth.....A bed full of critters is a true fairy tale come to life for me! Being "in-Love" and loving my life all goes hand in hand for the happy smile on my face!

Friday, February 22, 2013

Loving Oscar

He is your friend, your partner, your defender,

Your Dog.

You are his life, his love, his Leader.

He will be yours, Faithful and True.

To the very last beat of his heart
he understands his job, his time.

YOU owe it to him to be worthy
of such devotion.

Oh Oscar my Oscar! Loving you has been the greatest joy and discovery in all of my days! Oh how sunny the world looks whenever we can run and played with each other, whenever we can take a nap or cuddle, I love how you lay your head under my chin when I carry you around! How cozy it is to ALWAYS sleep beside each other every night in the last 6 years.
 Oh Oscar my Oscar! How easy it is to love you! Your fuzzy eye brows or tilted head, those looks you give when things are not as they should be. How adorable it is to see you walk or run with that heart shape patch on your butt and those brown eyes!
You will forever be the dog that brought around me to what is really important. Loving you and protecting you is something I will always honor.
Oh Oscar my Oscar! The ocean waves call to us as we embrace the air and run along side it together, The snowman we make every winter as you know I will be rolling on the ground with you in the white fluffy stuff then carry you in a towel to warmth of our couch. The spring time longer walks and the summer time river side talks we have been through it all together. Loving you is never boring and I am never alone in your eyes!
Oh Oscar my Oscar! we shall have many more years ahead but I want you to know now that I will treasure it all as time unfolds. I want you to be happy with your family, How you protect Little Sidda and How you snuggle next to big Minnie. How you race to Tinker's side when she growls at Jazzy. How you let Jazzy rub all over you or how cute you look napping next to Lewis.
You are my watchful clever dog who doesn't like when those bigger dogs next door bark at us and it's so sweet to see you whine up at me in hopes that I can make they stop. Because I've always step up in front of you for your protection while you gladly hide behind in support......For Loving you is my life and my heart is deeply grateful!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Loving Jazmin

When I swung by my friend's animal rescue last week to help walk some of the dogs and cuddle with her puppies. I learned about how to foster, how to rescue and adopt animals, I saw the most friendliest grown cat named Jazmin. My cousin Ryan had joined me, so his love for cats and her sweetest attitude made them inseparable. I had been feeling sad over the house cat Lewis moving on with our roommate, so as Ryan and I walked the dogs we talked about that adorable cat, Jazmin. Even though Ryan has just gotten a new cat named Hops for his new apartment here in Boise, we talked about her living with him one day when it works out but really she is truly perfect that I would keep her happily by my side if it doesn't work out for him! She follows me all around the backyard, even naps in the sunlight. She is one of the most beautiful cats I have ever seen, she rubs up to all the pets without any fear even my old Stinky Tinker is surprised by how nice Jazzy is! (Doesn't change the fact Tinker is mean though)  This has been a busy week with Jazzy here but she fits in better then ever Tinker has, I've been super happy lately that Lewis is also staying on! I would say I am actually very giddy in having Lewis in my arms all the more! What is wonderful to watch is how good Lewis and Jazzy get along, they have become cuddling cats side by side. In fact Jazzy is so sweet to Lewy that they nap together, lick each other and share my arms at the same time with no cat fights or disagreement! Jazmin made friends with everyone within the first night here! (expect Tinker but she still has a hard time once in awhile with Lewis too) Loving Jazmin is so new and exciting even miraculous in my opinion, for she will let me swing her up in my arms while the dogs run around me or while Tinker is growling (I like that Tinker has her own bedroom now) Jazzy will ride on my shoulders purring away and never bring her claws out for anything. She meows at the sound of her name, she will curl up into a ball sleeping deeply and she loves my cans of tuna! (Since Tinker's collar is pink, Lewis is blue, I gave Jazzy a purple collar and now I feel like such a proud Momma, full of love and full of joy) Last night in the dark outside pouring down rain Jazzy race outside with the dogs then came back in with them at the sound of my voice,Loving Jazzy is so easily she really wants to be just like the dogs, she seems safe and trusting walking between them and staying close to them. As the darkness was hard to see through due such rain I then heard a far away meow of Lewis down the other end of the neighborhood, so I race off to get him, happily he purred in my arms as I brought him inside. Sweet Jazzy wasted no time to help lick him dry again! I loved watching this as Lewis seemed so calm being warm again. Loving Jazzy is so easy, I am in such awe! I am in such delight at how well it all works out! She is the sweetest, clever and calm cat full of  thoughtfulness! I deeply LOVE getting to love on her!

Ryan asked "What is Tony going to say? because I'm not sure that I can have more then one cat right now?" I chuckled as Jazmin meowed from the crate in the car as we drove home. Ryan loved that cat as much as I did, she needed a home right away so we could give it to her between the both of us, I replied "He will think THANK GOD it's not a litter of Puppies!" I explained "I've never been worried about Tony's reaction for he knew when he married me how I am about animal care, he only got so mad at me once over my rescuing animals because I was so emotional over Minnie coming to our home, My sister said if I didn't take Minnie in, then she was going to shoot her I was devastated, he was more worried then mad I think! He would never keep me from being who I am so I know however Jazzy's life story goes I can help out!" I was smiling all the way home with such a jewel found in this awesome cat!

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Loving Tinker

It was always odd to me how Tinker came to live with us, Oscar was just a puppy running out the front door to pee outside as I held the long leash in one hand and my coffee cup in the other. I turned the corner in the first dry sunny morning in that wet spring only to see the tiny sickly thing. "Oh look it's a kitten I think" I said turning back to get my puppy in the car only to come back the pathway to find my husband holding it. "Don't touch could have ring worm or pink eye." I looked over baby Tinker with bad eyes and wheezing thinking "Oh dear my husband has fallen in love and now I need to setup the home for healing this kitten."  Loving Tinker Belle took some time as she was thoroughly ugly and sickly, as she upset my puppy for a while and she needed expensive medication. I had fun watching her plump up, get well and becoming such a cozy fluffy cat. She liked growing up riding on my shoulder, chasing wrinkled paper balls across the hallway floors. I remember when Tinker accidentally went outside after she had been rescued a year later only to freak out crying and meowing like she was going to be murdered. Loving Tinker has been a  journey of many funny stories. She spent the first 4 years in our condo with her swinging toys from the door handles to her endless food and water on her OWN table, she became so spoiled that when we moved it took her a few weeks to come out of her hiding place. Loving Tinker Belle over the last 6 years has been easier for my husband then for me. She has sparkling blue eyes, cuddles at night and meows back whenever we say her name, she hates to share but is learning how to do it better now. I forget sometimes she is a cat and not a dog, cats do not follow the rules or commands like dog I will be carrying tinker the she will freak out on me suddenly and the scratches will burn on my neck or back. I like how beautiful she is all fat and fluffy, clever even caring for the dogs by licking their ears for them. BUT Loving her is hard when she freaks out, hissing growling and swiping at me or another pet. I will simply wrap her in a blanket then set her in the other bedroom to give her time to not be so spoiled. Tinker's story from rags to riches, from almost being put to sleep at the humane society to coming home with us, from being Queen of her home to sharing with other cats. She has given me attitude and affirmation, sweetness and spiciness. She challenges and she gives in, she glares or she purs.....Loving her as the high maintenance cat that she is, I know nothing will ever be boring when living along side her! She is the kind of cat that walks like a snow leopard seeking her own space and her own way. She will push up against ya for attention but once you start smothering her she pushes away in such annoyance.I do Love her but it has be unconditionally or else I would think she has become a grumpy spoiled old cat!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Day of LOVE!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Loving Sidda

When I began dog sitting it was so easy to do, I liked how happy my own dog Oscar was for many of those companionship. The most noticeable behavior in him was that smaller dogs were clearly his favorite, he loving protected them from bigger dogs walking up on them. He likes to lay on his belly to play and roll around with such smaller dogs. Sydney (or as I call her Sidda) came to stay a few days with no trouble and no problems for a single second. Oscar loved her at first sight and they ran the trails of parks together even off leash at times with no problems, always listening to me and coming back together so very happy together side by side. I loved the moments when Sidda could be apart of our family, when I got to dog sit her and Then the conversation unfolded so naturally where her owner said "I need to find her a good home, I can't give her the attention she loves." I replied back without a second thought or doubt "Sydney can live here, we love her and she likes Oscar too.Then you can see her whenever we get together!" It was settled just like that, Loving Sidda is so sweetly easy from the very first night to right now when she sleeps on my shoulder when we lay together on the couch or sit outside. Loving Sidda when she looks out the window at me with ears up and her fluffy tail wagging or Loving Sidda when she doesn't like the cold or the dog park.  Loving Sidda as she dances or snorts, licks and snuggles. Loving Sidda is the smile on my face, FOR Loving Sidda is one of my favorite parts of each new day

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Loving Minnie

It still amazes me at times when I am walking my 3 dogs at the parks here in the ever beautiful city of Boise, that I have such a nice system of leashes and hands.....If you had asked me a year ago I would have said that I was on the lookout for a walking partner, someone who would like to help me walk these 3 dogs but I've learned to do it on my own.

It was funny how Oscar and I walked every where or played Frisbee for hours the years before Minnie and Sidda came to live with us. Now I found myself jumping and dancing over leashes and dogs going all over the pathway.....Loving Minnie is so easy when she wakes up every morning with this excitement "WE made it through the night all together!!!!" Then she snorts and rolls her way through the messed up bedding....she bolts down to the floor and slides outside running into the door or walls as she goes. She lets her tongue hang out as she runs around, she makes a snorting noise or a deep rolling bark. Her big brown eyes, her chubby legs waddle around as she lives truly happy every single day! Loving Minnie was one of those crazy stories that she came to live with me in her lonely needing ways making a calm and happy home with us. Now she naps daily on a couch pillow with her head like a dog use to these perfect comforts, when really she first was known as a stray....(From rags to riches)
Minnie watches Oscar when ever I give a command and follows in step with an overwhelming excited way. She loves food and loves to eat more then anything else, or she hides extra food in her crate. Every night Minnie goes to bed quickly laying in the center of the bed by our feet then not moving until morning. her loyalty and her love is so sweetly seen in everything she does, when I take her to the dog park she runs fast and adorably after all the big dogs, most everyone who sees her like that running and playing will say she is a true Hippy like dog. I can't imagine not having Minnie in our lives, in our home.  She is so easy to love,  she is so laid back and chilled out and what I see when I spend time just watching her run about or nap is that she is a honestly grateful dog. She looks at us all like she is proud to have a FOREVER family, hitting the jackpot was when she was dropped off in my backyard and I said smiling at her "Well there you are my Lady, Aren't you are super cute. Don't worry you'll be safe now." In that glowing fall afternoon she scooted up to me carefully and I went down on my knees to be lower for her to start trusting again....Loving Minnie has been one of the easiest things to do in my day!

Friday, February 8, 2013

Loving Lewis

            Hard to believe it was a little over year ago when I got to "pet sit" for my neighbor Alex, who was away for a week. He had asked me to feed the chickens and watch over the place. But my favorite part of the job was caring for his big black cat Lewis. I knew the cat already for he would let me pet and talk to him on the shared sidewalk. Hard to believe that wasn't very long ago as this very morning I was carrying Lewis so routinely to his breakfast, then to let him outside for that fresh morning light he loves so much. I drank my first cup of coffee watching him move around out the front yard full of freshly fallen snow. It made me start reminiscing of just Last winter.......

"Lewy, Lewy." I would call every morning he would wander out to see me by the open door as I was done caring over the chickens. "Well....are you coming outside right now?" I would ask while he would look carefully out the open door not really sure to commit...I would wait as he decided then he would protest to the new snow or rain fall. How clever he always is, meowing at the very same reason I am also upset by bad weather, THIS always makes me laugh so much!

 I remember those cold winter nights making sure he got inside to fresh water and food then I would sit on the floor awhile to give him the proper attention he craved, his purring was loud echoing through out the dark evenings of the dark quiet home. I liked having nothing to distract me as I carried him inside for the night and spend time just cuddling him while I would always promise to be back first thing in the morning for him, we were just friends back then. He didn't fully trust my family of dogs but in these last several months I have come to teach him not to panic when I am there, we are very much like family now. Each late night after I get everyone else in bed then I go looking for him, Loving Lewis is such an easy thing to do. He is grateful for the attention but can also do so many things on his own, yet he looks for me as I look for him every day. I woke up today with him at my feet deeply sleeping up against my big brown dog Minnie, they are becoming companions this winter even share in the same dog crate for an afternoon nap. These moments amaze me or make me laugh once again....for animals of all kinds need companionship. I do so love to smoother my pets with kisses, hugs and conversations the first few times I did this to Lewis he squinted his face up like he was saying "Ooooh gross!" now he struts proudly letting me cuddle on him freely like he is saying "YUP she loves me....I know I'm the cat's meow." I call out from the doorway as he goes "Be careful out there,and don't stay out to late Lewy Love!" He often will wag his tail once as he goes on to the next adventure in the day....always knowing he has a place to stay warm and dry or get smothered in kisses!


Wednesday, February 6, 2013

My first sexy man

          When I was a kid the television was a common schedule for everyone. Meals were cooked and carried to the front of the TV in a mad rush to not miss this week's latest drama shows, oh how I remember when "Dr. Quin, Medicine woman" came to TV.....Now I wasn't allowed to watch the show of course it was about a woman doctor defying the times of the wild west and not staying in her place at home, instead she went off as a single lady to bravely save and heal the sick. My mother didn't approve so naturally I found ways around her rule to watch the show whenever I could! (Even though Both of my Grandmothers watched the show regularly) 
Whenever all my aunts got together I would sit at their feet or on their laps listening to them laugh and squeal over this new show, sometimes my mother would drag me out of the room and tell me to go "Play" but I was always paying attention and curious to why a TV drama looked so interesting but was so bad in my parent's point of view.....AND then I saw HIM, the first sexy man of my life or at least of my awareness! He was the main talk of all my aunts, even my little Grandma Norma would giggle at me saying how he was just her type and I would wonder why this show was forbidden. It was a very popular show, the story of a beautiful amazing woman slowly falling in love with this nicely strong kinda Indian, kinda white man shy guy. (He had that perfectly shampooed and conditioned hair that never got messed up, it was MAGICAL) AND let's not forget he had a DOG! 
YUP at 16 years old I fell in love with Sully!

 Now my Grandma Norma would usually smile understandingly at me every Saturday night, sometimes she would explain what I may had missed in the previous episode. If she was feeling grumpy she would set the rule of no talking until the commercials. It took such a long time to get this schedule down, if my mother suspected anything I couldn't sneak up the hill to grandma's home. On those special Saturday nights when I could race up before 7pm to lay on the soft pink rug of the basement floor to excitedly watch this show, my Grandma would give me a small bowl of popcorn and gossip about the show as if it were real to her. I truly believe it was a harmless show even now looking back, also I would have to say a bit cheesy and predicable perhaps but I was young and thought that if most of my extended family was watching it I could too!
 THIS was a show of exciting lives, of a small town in some kind of chaos coming together to learn new lessons in life, of the sexiest man I had ever seen somehow always be at the right place at the right time to rescue the ever lovely Dr. Quinn. He was so self-confident, while also being always kind, a good man with a good dog (OH did I mention he had AMAZING hair? Because just in case I haven't stressed it enough he was soooo HANDSOME in that hair!)

          I couldn't help but ask out loud as the show was unfolding to my Grandma while she laid on her long gray couch in front of her big screen TV. I squawked "WHY in the world would Sully be wearing a suit? He looks ridiculous!?!" My Grandma laughed explaining "He is trying to be a "Gentleman" in her society, he is proving that by wearing such uncomfortable clothing he loves her and is also willing go any where to BE with her." I snorted back frustratedly "Well, that is stupid!" Grandma paused with some popcorn in her hand to reply "Why is it stupid? He LOVES her and she needs him to do this FOR her...?" I shrugged and snorted again "He should just be himself, to be honest in what he usually wears for if she really loves him back then she won't care. I think he is being ridiculous!" Grandma shook her head at me with a half smile explaining "Oh just wait one day you will change your mind about why he is dressing this way, for there will be someone you will fall in love with and you'll WANT to wear what they like in order to be around them." I rolled my eyes and shook my head for my defense as grandma giggled again then I sat there thinking to myself about why this episode upset me so much, The struggles of miscommunications, or those long stares in mystery and then the clothes that didn't match the kind of guy Sully really was. I decided if it was TRUE love then she wouldn't make him change and he wouldn't change her. Even though I was very young back then sneaking in an episode here and there I came to the conclusion that the quiet forest where Sully lived with his wolf dog in his casual clothing was far better then the top hats and ties of the big city, to me LOVE didn't mean you had to change, it meant that you should find someone kinda the same as yourself....
The first sexiest man I was paying attention to was on TV AND he sure seemed to have it all, then of course I realized it MUST of been his hair, that perfect body long locks of hair really was working for him!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

What is LOVE?

      The simple question of "What is LOVE?" isn't so simple in answering, I have been a spokesperson for LOVE for many many years now. Like how some people preach faith, god and religious rules I preach in much the same way for LOVE. I really believe IN love and have dedicated my life to it's message, to it's magical power and comfort!
Some people throw themselves into politics, into money making careers, or into other forms of perfections or hobbies. I have thrown myself into LOVE, I can't stress enough on how important this month of Love is, in my opinion it is the most important holiday that brings us back to true love and everlasting love, unconditional love, secret loves or wide open honest proud loves! It all starts and ends with LOVE in my belief system, in my passionate quest to solve the world's problems...I honestly think LOVE is all we need!

Now Lustful love has it's own place, it is why the culture runs for chocolate hearts and red wine come each Valentines, sexual pleasure in finding your soul-mate and being reminded to celebrate on that holiday isn't anything to be ashamed, yet I hope that you can see the bigger picture apart from that tradition. For love has many layers, Even for kids with crushes getting to send a card to someone they are to shy to like out loud or they give red roses to their parents, it is all the same important LOVE to be celebrated! Love is far bigger then anything a simple question "What is LOVE?" can ever capture!
The bible can capture God for some people but for me there isn't a limitation, God is always evolving and changing with time, my idea of God has grown and change with my own time as well....very much like LOVE I see the spiritual world made far better when LOVE comes first and center in it! My God IS made of LOVE, always and ever more full of LOVE with no judgements or limits. I preach LOVE as a form of God's personal name, yet maybe there isn't a God after all and I am just guessing to make one up in my mind....BUT there IS proof of LOVE, for I have a certainty that LOVE is real, it is also  everlasting and existing in my soul, THIS I DO know! Such an encouraging thought full of  hope! With a clear freedom to live along side LOVE! I never get worn out believing in LOVE! I will never stop advocating on it's behalf that if we had that kind of faith in LOVE as has been seen for God then this whole world would be a very different place maybe even a utopia as wished for in our day dreams, in our passions and most importantly in our deep desires.....LOVE is the most amazing emotion, the most amazing power to give life and I have always wanted to create a simple answer for "what is LOVE?" Yet to everyone through out my life it means such different things that all I can do is share what it is for me.....LOVE is celebrating others, it is living to better the days and care for each soul that steps across my path. I will live with love until I die and even then I will keep it by my side for maybe that is why death doesn't scare me, I have found LOVE to be all fulfilling leaving no more room for fears or doubt. I will always LOVE the month of February, for each day is a gift and the holiday of LOVE coming up soon is the best reminder that even if we are alone, we will always have LOVE living in our hearts to give and share through out another year! LOVE lifts us up outside of our self, gives us bravery and comfort and most importantly brings harmony to all the living!

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Celebratng the month of LOVE

Yesterday was the first of the month, I was amazed that this month of LOVE has arrived so quickly.... I'm also amazed at how rich and full my life is with so many people to share in all these loving moments!
My hubby Tony and I had to run into Nampa so he took me out for breakfast at the greasy spoon 50's restraunt "Rockies" in our neighborhood...THIS was such a funny moment as I was sleeping surround by my pets then Tony called out to me to get up but I didn't move at all. Then he suggested "How about we leave soon to have time in going out for breakfast?" I suddenly shot out of bed to care for the animals and swing my sweater on for the busy fun day ahead. Tony laughed so hard and long at how predicable I am, I HATE cold winter mornings so I sleep in way late in hopes to see sunshine then I bundle up drinking coffee and never plan to go out until later afternoon when it's a bit warmer. ONLY when promised to go out for breakfast do I get up quickly, this is one of my husband's favorite things to say to me when he can't get me to really wake up early especially in the winter.....
Once we arrived for breakfast the young girls working said they haven't seen us forever but remembered our usual breakfast orders, I was truly impressed for this is one of my favorite places while singing along to the "Oldies" music and enjoying the James Dean posters.
Later on yesterday my boss from my fair job wanted to try eating sushi so the ladies lunch time was really fun! I got to share all the info on my favorite dishes thinking of how magical my life is full of friends! The whole day seemed very busy, yet really fun on a super social the evening when my cousins took me out for my birthday downtown I was really feeling energized and happy! During the winter season I like to hibernate, to stay home and off bad roads....Yesterday was the first day of new month so having a nice clear sky got me planning for spring and spending a day full of hanging out with friends and family was so refreshing that I knew celebrating this month of LOVE will bring many good times and good laughs ahead! I love my cousins! They are very nice young men, I enjoy being close by to hang out with them. I love my Fair job! Having such fun ladies for good friendships all year long makes working together so enjoyable! I love my home! Full of projects and pets being there is the coziest place I know! I love my Hubby! who can get me out of bed finally with the promise of going out for breakfast and how humorous, how charming he is! I love this new month of February! Which will quickly take us out of the cold winter to amazing spring!
CELEBRATE all the LOVE you carry for the world in this month!