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Saturday, December 31, 2011

A Broken Hallelujah

From my lips is drawn a Hallelujah....
It is a new year, A NEW YEAR dear God a NEW YEAR!!!
I won't stay stuck in time after all! I won't live forever with deep bleeding cuts of my soul and broken heart. 
For we all break, we all heal and we all need each other Hallelujah! 
Maybe there is a God above but I am not going to ever know for sure, only with faith, hope and love can I seek such a thought that maybe...maybe we are not all alone on this earth. Look at the sun shining for you and me, seek the fresh air and love all creatures great and small.  
Hallelujah we have life all around us when we face death and pain, we have strength in saying goodbye or letting go of our need to control. The world is bigger then any right or wrong, then any judgement we spit at each other. Our love and spirit glows in a dark tunnel when we hit up against storms.
It's a broken Hallelujah to end this year and start over again in the next 12 months....
I will not stop writing but I will not be on here everyday anymore. I have learned so much seeing myself come through here in my writings, in my tears and in my laughter. In my sharing of things good or bad within my memories, I have been asking myself many questions over the years and now I can share them questions like;  how did I come to think this thought? or how did I become who I am? Why did I still smile after being slapped in the back of my head? How could I believe it ALL gets better when I was always told it only gets worse?
Happiness, Joy these are things that carry me through out my day by choice or by nature of who I am, even though anger and sadness have taught me life lessons this year as well.... 
         I am ready ever so ready to give up these days and move forward....My happy ending is out there, only it's just living that I want to enjoy doing again. Healing and helping is what I hope to accomplish, Showing the beauty of this earth and the comfort of loving people will always be in the light of my eyes and the laughter I let go as I grow older.....Hallelujah. 
My broken Hallelujah welcomes in this new year.


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