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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Reflecting on reflecting....

I was very proud of my blog with some of my drawings of Alison for she was my childhood story line. My imagination captured her in a life far away from my very own and yet she had the life I wanted to be apart of! So I drew her alive and well doing the good heroic things I saw needed done in this world. She inspired me to grow up and actual BE HER....I wanted her long hair and big eyes. I knew she had this inner peace in her bravery and the fact that no one ever knew just how smart she was made me love Alison all the more. She doesn't need to tell anyone who she is, for she just IS! (Wow all that in one drawn character on a blank boring piece of paper! Go see who YOU will draw up next and save the whole world by the tip of your pen!)  I loved this blog of Alison I can't forget how fun it was to scan and post her into the internet world:-)

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