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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Artist

I could sit and watch my brother Dougie draw for hours, At the hospital he drew amazing detailed pictures while waiting on any news about our mother. Doug is the middle child of the last 3 kids still at home...he walks quietly and talks quietly. He smiles shyly and feels everything. On that scary day of our mother's stroke Doug hugged me while whispering "This is our Mommy...." then we cried.
Just a few weeks earlier Dougie and I shot each other a look while watching our mother said or do things that seemed odd to us both....but neither of us knew exactly what was up. Looking back it's easier to connect the dots of where we were heading, but I never thought this kind of event would happen so soon in our lives.....Dougie has this calmness in him that now after all these months later from our ER moments he likes sitting next to Mom saying nothing. So when he draws pictures shinning with the talent our mother gave him, and when he speaks I know he has thought it out carefully be for hand. I believe the day that Doug was born was saved our broken family at the time, now I see him calming the storms around him and fixing what is broken once again. When he draws things come to life and I know he will have a beautiful picture for his own life one day!

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