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Saturday, December 17, 2011

It's a Miracle!

Over the last year now my husband's vitamin C powder has saved the day from being horrible when I get sick! I have many stories and I don't even get sick very often anymore....
I believe that if I didn't worry so much, I wouldn't be as sick as I have been in the last 7 months...mostly due to the high stress of the aftermath of my mother's stroke. I really believe that Vitamin C has saved me from long weeks of a horrid cold or flu bugs! I am not trying to promote vitamins on here today....I am just noticing it is the flu season and every tid bit for keeping good health is important. I think it's amazing that "Researchers" argue the miracle powers of the vitamin C.....Why not just do your own research about it so that if it works you are better off healthier or if it doesn't then keep on buying Nyquil. I love learning new things and researching stuff! For trying something out for yourself is a great way to know what is right for you, (instead of "ask your doctor what is right 
for you".....Hmmmmm settle hints are convincing, as we now have to ask our doctors instead of our own bodies....catchy business plans I do say)
I think it's a battle either way, I have been marked as an out spoken Hippy with my helpful vitamin knowledge already, and I don't care! Because I am not saying these things for credit or a "Save the day" merit badge. I share because it is part of my life, part of who I am. I am still reading up on knowledge and won't ever have arrived or finished learning something...this will keep me from being an "Expert" on health I realize and that isn't what I am trying to accomplish. I love my new interest in the miracle of Vitamin C right now my life is better for it! I am not sick in bed for days anymore! I have noticed within seconds of drinking my vitamin c powder I am getting better and nothing hangs on me over 24 hrs! 
THIS is worth sharing to the whole world! Doctor yourself before buying what your own Doctor wants to sale ya.....
Take vitamin C and enjoy the Miracle that brings you good health!

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