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Friday, December 30, 2011

The Old Rugged Cross

Is it us, is it only us? 
As human beings living in this world? 
Is this the only world with life?
Are we humans GREAT and CHOSEN above all living things?
I ask this because I was raised with such notions, with such organized religion structures. That We humans are the justified souls going to heaven as long as we are "Saved" in the correct manner of course....
I ask, I ask these questions easily because I do not believe in it anymore. I do not see what the religious people see, I will never go back to believing like that again. I escape the matrix actually and once you are out it can be odd to ever try and return.
I wonder... ARE WE ALL THERE IS?...What is the reason for this life force and why does the earth spin us around? 
I wonder because I do not have the answers like I once did.....oh for those days when I could preach fearlessly without doubt or even second guessing....Now I know I will never win over debating about the human soul caught between Hell's lake of fire and Heaven's gold singing angels. I will never win that debate because I do not know that idea anymore. I do not think it is like that in our moment of death. Christianity and my own personal self will never be on the same page ever again. YET I am like the dude in Pilgrim's progress who lays down his big heavy burden from his back to the floor of the cross...for I also lay my "biblical baggage" at the very same spot, that old rugged cross. Jesus had much more teach us before his untimely death, I am sure he would be in shock by the way his life story took on a magical power. No doubt like how Hollywood can take a great novel and make us say "Wait a didn't happen like THAT!" What would Jesus say? I may have set aside my religion to reclaim my life, but I never left my wonder and awe in seeking a spiritual world. I did see through the words people quoted and the ideas of rules that keep us guarded. I laid my anger and sadness, my self-righteousness and elite views in being the chosen people of this earth at the foot of that old rugged cross. I did not want to change it in for a crown like the old hymn sings, Instead I wanted to be FREE of it all. When the holy spirit moves it doesn't not knock on the doors of houses, when the situation calls for courage asking what would Jesus do is just stalling, for you should know what YOU your own self would do. When you live with arms wide open you will find yourself among many friends like Jesus did. There is a reason why the people loved him and he became a legend. He was human like you and me, he lived preaching unconditional love. Everything else is laying back at the foot of the cross, I am just asking more questions now. Like why does religion and rules make humans feel safe? Why do we carry around the exceptions of others in hopes to be better? I will never be a christian again but I will always honor Jesus and his life that was shared, for he was the change he wished to see in the world. I tip my hat to him knowing his work, our work in building a loving world will always be there. So for all I don't know, I know this .....LOVE is all you need! 
No really I am not joking....LOVE is all you need, LOVE is all you need, Love Love love okay yes now I am singing along with the Beattles ahahahahahaha!

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