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Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Last Friday night I was excited to make it to the Greenleaf Idaho's high school again. This time instead of a Football game I went with my mother in her wheel chair to watch our boys play basketball. Both my 18 year old brother Daren and 16 year old brother Doug are on the team that our cousin Brandt is coaching. I really want my brothers to have extended family members in their lives, to know who these people I love so much are. During my mother's stroke this past summer I would tell my 3 young brothers that Aunt so and so sends her love or prayers they would just stare at me with a blank look even asking "WHO?" and I would sigh sadly wondering what kind of childhood did they have without a home full of cousins playing and aunts visiting? At the Basketball game I watch in hope for this is the joy they need in their lives now. Maybe this high school is the place they could discover their first kiss or just make a good friend for life....maybe? I wish them the very best in the outside world that has now entered their lives. As I watched the basketball game I realized I was cheering for them my "little" brothers in more ways then just one! When fear overcomes us, our lives stop growing...many people stop even moving all together. Even after a terrifying summer we all sit a bit closer to our mother knowing just having her here is beyond the outcome we were told. Now I watch as my brothers play basketball like the teenaged boys I have always wanted for them to be! Daren is my brother whose own strength is a mystery even to himself as he reminds me of a very strong thick tree towering above. He said that basketball was different and he wasn't any good. I reminded him after he gets to practice more he will pick it up just like the football he loves so much. On Friday night when Daren made a basket, I was so happy for him as his arms went straight up in the air running across the whole court! This was his big moment that I knew he needed to enjoy the sport more. When his arms came down from celebrating a player of the other team ran right into them and flipped! I was laughing so much even though I felt bad for the other kid laying on his back. Davey, my youngest brother sitting next to me leaned in asking "Was that on purpose?" and I shrugged while giggling for I had no idea as our brother Daren didn't even seem to notice, he was thrilled that he made the basket, for HE was playing basketball now!

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  1. Great story.... So happy that your brothers are getting to be part of a team... I loved watching dusty's games... Such a good experience