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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Mister Rogers Neighborhood

                 It was one of the most important TV shows of my childhood! It was where I learned so many things that being stuck at home all day didn't teach me.......To sit and think, to be still and learn while always listening IS how we grow the gardens in our minds.
Mr. Rogers did something incredible with his show in telling us how to think for ourselves and be kind to the world around us! I will always think of his wise words of inspiration in living always with love. AND to remember it's such a good feeling to know that your alive, it's such a happy feeling that your growing inside!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Lark rise to Candleford

          This one hour drama of stepping back in time warmed my heart simply by the soft colors and huge countryside scenes. There is a sweet simplicity of this show like the mailman on a bike riding along side his dog, Or the sister's sewing shop in a small community where they gossiped the afternoon away. Then the main spot was the post office running comfortably with all the people coming and going....stepping back in time indeed!
Our society now days is less and less active with each other leaving me to sometimes go out run my errons watching who will talk with me and who will not. I WANT to live in Lark rise or in Candleford! The show started up in January 13, 2008 just as the snow came down one night I popped popcorn and capture a world that I want to belonged in, that show unfolded so beautifully making it one of my favorite shows ever! Happy places is where such shows like "Lark rise to Candleford" will take you the viewer along side the buzz of the honey bees and to the jingle of making lace! What a BEAUTIFUL world we still have!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Dead Like me

When it comes to death I have grown up thinking about it, Ever since I was 3 years old I feared eternal hell fire of the moment I would die. So it is funny that my copping habits grew into understanding death and excepting it as a matter of fact, (so why not embrace the rainbow of life before one day I will die???) Yet now for me that fear of burning flames have long since gone and been replaced with fun ideas like in the show "Dead like Me" which first aired June 27, 2003. How natural to watch that death changes everything for the living and gives these Grimm Reapers a job working endless on cycling though the souls. This story starts out showing how being cynical or not motivated brings a sense of lost or annoyance over how life works. Then suddenly when that life is gone it can be a wake up call, like a new desire to enjoy everything just as it is but now it's not anything you ever knew before. Which makes this show so interesting to me, when it comes to death and the after life for that soul I wonder if many things are possible or are they very simple after this world ends? This show has a comical yet serious tone to the episodes. I like the rather clever way to look at what it would be like to try and stay modern as the society changes while maintaining to the rules in how to be a Grimm Reaper. When this show first came out I was the only one who really seemed to like it in the group I hung out with back then, but that didn't stop me from enjoying it! This show leaves me happily knowing if I had such a job like this I would enjoy trying to help lessen the fear of "crossing over" for others. In fact since I spent so much time growing up on the topic of death it doesn't faze me, like it doesn't scare or disturb me. It's such a deep sense of lost still carrying the fire while those you loved leave their space on this earth, don't get me wrong. But I like knowing how it's not the whole story, maybe it's the end of time for that one being who dies and who has touched so many other beings, that whole story is the mystery and the awe, where shows like "Dead like Me" can create new ideas and bring some kind of peace to living along side such real things like death.

Being respectful to someone who is a mess means that you realize how you are a mess too.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Modern Family

A sitcom about a modern family made this show pop out against all the usual sitcoms into a good familiar connection for me! Life lessons, humor and personal interviews as the show unfolds makes this setup much like "The Office" only focused on how families change and grow together! It will be one of those shows that helps you feel happy at such love and friendships! I want to be adopted while watching and then I realize  that I already have such family members like them and with this I laugh even more!!! 
For as I see myself just like Phil or just like Cam at times in the show, I can get tears in my eyes from laughing so hard! So it comes to my mind that everything in life is better shared with family who are more importantly just like friends!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

The Office

When this sitcom rolled right into our lives with that catchy tune, 
(which made a great cell phone ring of happiness by the way!)
when the the pilot aired back in March 24, 2005 we were thrilled at it's perfect humor and clever jokes! For my husband and I had jobs at the call center which was exactly setup in the same way to relate to this sitcom. We spent that evening laughing so much! When I say it funny it's because I know people exactly like this show that makes it hit home with so many giggles! AND The way we are as Americans in these organized well dressed jobs shows the true colors, shows the fabric of our society. 
These are the days of working side by side with co-workers for 40 hours a week. Just like "The office" we are held to a certain standard of life. Showing forth these cubicals, these offices where
the "Cookie lady" and the "Tamale Lady" swings in to make a sale here and there from desk to desk. Where the phones are answered exactly the same over and over again, places were the boss will micro-manager or simply blow off any responsibility in the same busy week.
There's always the water cooler gossip and the coffee order run to fill each afternoon after the busy buzz of the mornings with all those phone conversations, order forms sent and faxes received. Everyone is making plans by 4:30pm to meet up somewhere for "Happy Hour". All those "clicks" of friends or not, all those office politics played out by the end of the work day we come home to watch shows like "The office" to know we are NOT alone! Then we laugh and drink tonight the late nights knowing the call of the business hour will greet us in the morning all to soon. So I would say that "The Office" was a sitcom perfectly written, setup in one of those new format of interviewing people one on one over the unfolding stories. This allowed even more laughter in clearly seeing how our lives are, how all our personalities can be expressed and captured on screen! If not for real life in all these offices this show would have nothing to go on! That laughter is all of us knowing how hysterical our lives really are!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013


It was the VERY first of it's kind!
      When the TV show "Jericho" first aired back in September 20, 2006 during a time as all the news were covering the long list of "What if's....?" playing off everyone's fear after 9/11....
Like what if America falls from it's powerful throne?
What if there is a nuclear war and the whole world is changed?
What if there is no more farms, no more food?
What if the water runs dry?
What if China takes over and calls in our debts all at once?
There is such a huge shift in our nation on learning to grow a garden once again and get back to the basic needs in survival. Because sure one day what if it's only up to you on how your family survives or not? Don't be fearful, be educated on how to handle it all. This show makes a small town feel more and more safe being away from all those big cities as they exploded. This show brings out so many emotions, proving how all humans are adaptable, resourceful and helpful in times of trouble. The stress and the security of caring for a community left all alone in the unknown of what kind of wars are going on or what kind of world changes have happened makes this show fun to watch. The stories of such heroes, of such survivors and even of such rioting keeps each episode  moving right along into discovering the whole story! I enjoy watching this drama any time because it's full of such awesome tips, of how in the end the only thing that matters is family and friends while giving us hope in how to keep on living through all the "What if's" that time will throw at us!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

True Blood

Okay so I was shocked by the very first episode and haven't stop watching since! 
It's a kind of hot and bloody steamy mess of show, I had never seen anything like it to be honest, it's a modern spin on Vampires.
Also it's no secret I hide away at times behind my blanket on the couch or scream out in my startled reaction because it is to much to fast in some moments, I will not watch even the theme song unfold because of the instant creepy feeling I get as the show begins. When I say that this show is pure sex I am not making it up! Perhaps it's the sex that brings a certain edge to the show, along with the all the vampires needing normal alive people to "Feed them", the ware-wolves, the mediums, the witches and the shape-shifters makes this show spin into one drama after the next, along side lots of sex, nakedness, and drug use of the vampire's blood called "V" the craziness unfolds at such shocking speed!
True Blood is one of those shows I haven't felt comfortable telling people I watch it because it's WAY over the top in everything they do or say. It's not always comfortable to watch or it's hard to figure out the good guys at the same time. I am getting better at admitting to having seen the show, the craziness is hard to turn away from like for example EVEN the fairies are having sex all over the place too! Sheeeeeeeesh this is such a CRAZY show! and I can't tell if they went off the deep end because everything started out like that from the first episode! HA!

Monday, October 21, 2013

King of the Hill

 For years now my husband's sitcom of everyday choice has been "King of the Hill". For he would get home from work every night pop open a beer can and jokingly say "YUP." then sit and watch a couple of episodes of "King of the hill" while I cooked dinner. I have come to love the sound of it in the background feeling cozy as the evening time is for relaxing while the aroma of good food fills the air! This show started up in 1997 and came to an end in 2010. ( Also I like "King of the Hill" far more then "The Simpsons"both American icons for animated evening family shows) This show is short and sweet with many clever jokes along the way, Hank Hill has his life long friends to drink beer while watching over the neighborhood, they solve problems and help each other out as much as possible. Then there's Hank's family and loyal family dog which easily makes you feel right at home in watching this sitcom.  "King of the Hill" teaches so many good life lessons, social norms and learning curves for us all to relate and understand. Many times it leaves us wishing our neighborhood was exactly like this show!  Because no matter how busy life can get there is a deeper meaning when you can simply share a beer with a friend and only ever need say "YUP." while they completely agree!

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Keepind Up Appearances

During the 90's every Saturday night on PBS aired a British sitcom called "Keeping Up Appearances" in which I truly enjoyed! For some odd reason it all clicked with me, over what the show was about and how clever it all was! I was the only one in my family who really liked this show and often only got to watch it if no one else was around the TV at the time it was on. It became my very own show apart from everyone else as a young teenager growing up and I didn't care if I was teased for watching it because the short stories delighted me so much!
I loved being apart of Hyacinths Bucket's quest for perfection!
When I was dating my husband he shared how this show would play on repeat all night long while he was recovering in the hospital after his leg surgeries so he became a huge fan of it too! (What are the odds?) 
Now we own the whole collection and quote lines from it all the time! Even though it first aired in 1990 and ended in 1995 the show has that classic style of being timeless! I grew up surrounded by people who worried how they looked, how they acted so this show hit home to me instantly, relating always to the social levels and requirements we ALL have in order to "arrive successfully" yet no matter how much silver you may polish the honest way people are and how nothing is really in our complete control teaches us humility. While also showing us how to laugh ourselves and live on happily ever more! 

My husband loves stating to me "We sure make a good team, in fact... "I can't think of a couple whom I admire more." hahahahaha." 
YUP we love quoting this show all the time!

Thursday, October 17, 2013


When it first aired I knew my husband would like this show instantly because of the intelligent way everyone moved and talked."Deadwood" had a kind of high standard in the structure of the show while not hiding away from any cuss word or raw true emotional reactions. While the intriguing dramas are unfolding in the old western like show, I can't talk enough about the dialogue! For that sucks the viewer right in with a profound sense in good education about language, this writer had a unquiet style in capturing such depth with words.  
The 3 seasons of this show wasn't long enough for the deep rich story line to unfold and it's sudden end left everyone wanting more! For years after this drama series sadly ended my husband and I still still quote it back and forth. Because it will always be a Classic! 
When "Deadwood" first aired on HBO in 2004 it was unlike any other show, people either loved it or hated it... as the show reveals Wild Bill coming to Deadwood South Dakota with the law loosely setup and how rough building a town could be, muddy and a bit crazy! While everyone wanted to strike it rich in those black hills. This drama had a balance in humor, honesty, raw emotions, manipulating control and actual history. The parts that always made me shake my head thinking to myself as woman I can appreciate how far we have come in NOT being on the "value menu" anymore! Okay sure prostitution will never go away but at least it's not just a given as Al Swearengen who owns the "Gem" Saloon asks in a natural calm normal way "Booze, pussy, faro?" (like women are just another "Big Mac" option at McDonalds) It's rather important to remember how far we have come in our societies and civilization. It will always come back to the fact everything in life is "survival of the fittest" or maybe that the smart one stays a few steps ahead of everyone else. 
Having got the chance to watch this show and step back in time makes "Deadwood" always just a click away in the familiar world of the gold rush, the new beginnings and how the rich shall inherit the earth.

  Reverend H. W. Smith: "When I read the Scriptures, I do not feel Christ's love as I used to."
  Calamity Jane: "Aw, is that so? That is too bad! Join the fuckin' club of most of us!"

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Six feet Under

When it came to one of the first drama series revealing the gay life style in a real honest light, this show impressed me on many levels of challenging society and all those "Don't show" rules for TV. 
It has always been fascinating to me what happens when we die, not really every detail to bring about a viewing but to what is the after life is like.
I have some friends who can have normal conversations with those who had died which makes this show refreshing, it would be nice if we ALL could have that in our lives so that we never feel all alone or sad missing those we use to talk with about everything.
It is good to know how these things work, everyone will have to face such a day in laying to rest someone they loved.
This drama starts off so shocking with a car accident, then again sometimes in our own lives sudden death brings us all together once again.
I think this show really helped society face some topics they usually avoid, death for one is often glossed over in awkward avoidance for some, I have learned to not take it personal when I hurt but others don't, living life wouldn't be so colorful if we all felt the very same at every moment. It's hopeful to think that maybe the spiritual world can choose to talk to some us if they want. 
And this show brings it home on how relationships that thrive are often the ones that stay honest and respectful. Bringing the stories of how a gay guy feels or what to do in a love triangle. The constant theme that we can live on making our peace with death, taking on new changes and new adventures is why I liked this show! For really who knows after we die that might just another big journey for our soul or we hang around chatting it up with our loved ones whenever we want!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013


When 2009 came to en end I had been to Portland half a dozen times which really surprised me, for I love that place! Now it's fun to go to any big city but with Portland I feel familar more and LOVE Powells Book Store. For I  grew up going there once or twice a year with my Grandma and my Mother. Those were some great childhood memories!
Being tied to Portland through my sweet Grandma Norma who grew there and loved that big city, she told me memories of her young adult life working as a bank teller for she wore beautiful dresses everyday and truly loved it! She even sat in cute cozy cafes for lunch and shopped till she dropped these things made her so happy before marrying my Grandpa moving out to Idaho's huge orchard farm. She grew to love the country side and live in a huge house with nice sparkling things. When she returned to Portland she had so many little stories to share as a kid I listened and followed her around enjoying her memories...realizing I will always be tied to Portland over any other city.
Having seen many different parts of Portland by now has me loving the sitcom "Portlandia" even more!
In the last decade I have reconnected to my loving Aunt and Uncle whose lives in Portland makes visiting them fun! They have such good advice and peaceful joy in loving their lives there. I look forward to seeing them whenever I can get back to Portland!
This new sitcom about such a familiar comforting place like Portland makes me laugh and enjoy these small skits of humor. Like how in November of 2009 I hadn't seen any sunshine in 4 full days in my visit to Portland then getting off the airplane in Boise Idaho I was blinded by the clear sky and bright light that I walked right into the building wall feeling dizzy and confused the guy watching me looked worried I explained "Just got home from Portland." He nodded and chuckled while I held my hand over my eyes in this crazy brightness. "Portlandia" cover all of these things about the place that makes me laugh so much! Life is often serious that having a sitcom full of funny relating situations helps escape into a beautiful place like Portland! Where the 90's are alive and the race to find the sun light is always fun!

Monday, October 14, 2013


It was surprising at how interesting this show became in hunting down terrorist. Damian Lewis always plays the good guy in most of his films, then you can't help but wonder about him in this series. 

    It surprised me how this show covers such a controversial topic such as the "War on Terror". The fresh pain of 9-11-2001 is even brought up in this drama series theme song. Bringing the viewer into the situation of how events like this are unfolding ALL the time, the rich and powerful control everything. The human struggle between right and wrong, the mental journey through all those gray areas and that sense of revenge comes to light in this story. Eventually fighting the good fight wears a person down. The confusing fact that no one really knows all the facts before making a judgement call. I think it's even personal to anyone who serves this country under such loyalty, because once we are betrayed or abandon we change, we can't help it in asking different questions of how everything really works around us. Damian Lewis is a good actor making this show come to life while Claira Danes has such great facial expressions that show off  her tears and fears in all of her emotional involvement trying to save the world. 
In the end the only actually truth comes down to that there is suffering on both sides of ANY war.....

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Game of Thrones

I love fantasy stories, magical beings and super powers often interest me and I think reading the books of "Game of Thrones" would have a bit more detail then the drama series. The crazy thing about this story is often the sudden death of main characters before even the first season is finished. I know it's a deep story rich in history full of all the rise and falls of the powerful throne.
I really love the wolves, such powerful helpful protectors over their family. I enjoy all the dragons growing up into their own powerful being. The show is full of action, of wars and of beauty even full of mystery as you try to figure out who is going to be the survivor to the throne,  There is a few crazy things that surprise the viewer, like the crazy red head witch or the scary white walkers. The drama sometimes feels way to fast in moving ahead, yet it's growing in popularity and I enjoy all the magical creatures, the fairy tale lands and special skills it takes to lead a huge group of people. "Game of Thrones" isn't for everyone, it can drag on and on over one scene for awhile then kill off someone you had been loyal in following through out the season. I enjoy the fantasy and all the connections into one battle for the throne. AND it makes me wish I could find a few dragon eggs of my own, for such AWESOMENESS!

Saturday, October 12, 2013


It was the talk of the call center where I was working this new HBO show "Rome", It was full of nudity, of power struggles and manipulation. The show moves so quickly through the years that by the end of the second season all the stories and lives in this spicy drama was wrapped up.
"Rome" was pushing the envelope in the stories to show off it's racy, spicy and brave ability to prove that if you keep watching chances are you will be surprised! The scandals and the secrets made this show full of powerful people and revealing the weak. The truth in huge gaps of the wealthy and of the poor was shown among the sexuality, the elaborate parties and the rise of glamor through wars and slavery. This show moves really fast through time that even in one episode a decade unfolded. I watched this drama at midnight when I got home from my call center job to wind down before bed and I wasn't ever sure if I liked this show or just had to watch in order to be "In the Know" back in the conversations at my job. 
My personal battle against TV was growing more and more, my need to get outside to breath fresh air instead of wondering if next week on "Rome" will Cleopatra tell anyone her baby was not fathered by Caesar????
..... That is the common struggle with TV dramas and the real life around us. I had discovered my walks in the park to be far better then my midnight hours after work in watching "Rome". No matter how shocking or exciting TV show are, it can not replace the real world ever! 
Like realizing that ANYONE can have sex but not everyone will find out how to make love.....
 Real life has nothing on "Rome" and I also understand the comfort in escaping into the dramas on screen give us a break from dealing with all the stuff around us, yet all of life itself is an adventure as history will keep cycling on repeat just like when I watched this show thinking to myself "So Governments have always struggled in the end through out history.....interesting."

Friday, October 11, 2013

Sons of Anarchy

Ridin' through this world All alone  
God takes your soul  
You're on your own
The crow flies straight 
A perfect line 
On the devil's path 
Until you die

This life is short       (I think the theme song to this drama
Baby that's a fact          series says it a kick ass
Better live it right             Motorcycle club tangled up in family
You ain't comin' back           secrets, with all the politics, power 

                                                struggles and greed this show is
Gotta raise some hell                 rather fascinating )     
Before they take you down
Gotta live this life                  

Gotta look this world 
In the eye 
Gotta live this life 
Till you die

You better have soul 
Nothin' less

Cause when it's business time 
It's life or death

The king is dead 
But life goes on 

Don't lose your head 
When a deal goes down

Better keep your eye
 On the road ahead 

Gotta live this life

Gotta look this world 
In the eye 
Gotta live this life 
Till you die

Thursday, October 10, 2013


Let me first say that this was a surprisingly good sitcom for the first 3 seasons.
     It is one of those comedies that should have stopped while they were ahead in all the laughs of their original ideas for the show. Where a single mother wants to maintain a high standard in her life just like she had before her husband died suddenly leaving her to figure out how to pay off her GAP card while still looking good. She tries to look and act like any other mother, but her thrill seeking self gets caught up into making a bit more money for her staged life style. In fact most people who live in neighborhoods like this are often staged without realizing sometimes. Also It could be my most favorite theme song of all the shows I've seen, For it reveals the truth in our modern first world of new things, of thinking jogging and non-fat lattes is somehow healthy. "Ticky tacky...." was a clever idea to shine a light on our growing greedy culture. When every comfort or survival need is met then this natural desire in seeking adventure, or finding thrilling situations to create a control drama, to find that deeper joy in being a live takes over. Sometimes we will even have time to ask those deeper questions, seeking other levels in enlightenment. "Weeds" is a story showing how pot works, how profitable and quite honestly how safe such a drug or as I would prefer to say "medicinal herbs" like those are in the end. ( One day soon marijuana will be legal here in America, just like with anything else confusing to our society once we learn about it more and see if it is harmless or not then we grow beyond our first opinion or quick judgement calls to simply learning more or maybe we just choose to chill out in that refreshing comfortable haze!)
    That first part in this original story line with comedy and drama mixed together, With "Pottery Barn" furniture, big screen TVs, nice cars and all those shiny appliances in the back ground while everyone gets stoned or like Nancy try to sell the stuff in clever ways.......Makes this show have a refreshing sense in raw honesty and even in accountability. 
The last episode of season 3 should of been the end in my opinion, because this show grew into just another annoying soap opera where they all come out JUST THE SAME.....

Wednesday, October 9, 2013


This is a sitcom of familiar humor to say the least! Larry David who produced "Seinfeld" started another sitcom showing more depth into his life and his unquiet ways.
"Curb Your Enthusiasm" (or as I simply just call it "Curb." for short) is a hysterical show for me on a very personal level, Because it IS my whole life in reflection on screen! It is my marriage, it is my conversations and even my own jokes playing out right in front of me! I sat mouth hanging open the very first time I catch part of an episode of "Curb" Larry David says in a double date situation on screen "I never understood these wine people, How do you really know the bottle is any good? What you take a tiny sip or smell it and instantly know that it's good or bad? I mean what is that about?" I watch on in true deep profound AWE, exclaiming to myself "OH, MY, GOD! I am MARRIED to Larry David!!! 
(Only Tony doesn't have all that Seinfeld money...... hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha")
      What a delight this show has been from day one, I have lived in each episode exactly and surprisingly I am still chuckling over ALL those real examples reflecting my everyday life! I shall always be in AWE of this show!
My husband likes this show also, he can see himself so clearly he will be choking out "HEY that is just like ME!" while we both burst out laughing and relating to same dialogue of our lives!
"Curb" has done a great job in the producing a story while trying to make it all feel ab-lived, letting the actors of the sitcom react naturally and speak freely which gives this cleverly done show a spontaneous feel to it.
ALL those social requirements, events held and normal socializing dialogue feels like someone has seen my own personal life unfold being married to Tony! It is AMAZING to me and inspiring to know I am not the only one with a questioning face when all is said and done! I never have laughed so hard in ANY other sitcom then with "Curb"!!!
     Like when Larry says to his wife "What level of anger am I facing here a 9 or 10?" she replies "about a 7." He grins "A 7! really? that's a pleasant drive home actually." 
HA! Hahahahaha oh yes I have been there!!! 
I see the humor in this show instantly at times when even I can't finish a cup of coffee without it shooting up my nose in my caught off guard laughter and this is what makes such a great sitcom in the end, the laughter, the clever honesty about real life and the relating stories in which we all find ourselves now and again!

"Debby come on please!" My husband begged and I frowned on annoyed. "NO." was all I could say at first without getting extremely mad. He sat a chair into the closet "PLEASE! just hide!" He continued on looking all sweetly at me while I hissed "It's an oven in there! Why can't you just tell the truth!" Now my husband had been working on speaking the truth because I was demanding it from him so he never had a chance to stay "passive aggressive" very long in our marriage back in the very beginning.....yet it was these moments in life I can't ever forget! For I have hundreds of moments all as funny and clever as my husband Tony!
"PLEASE! Just hide for God's sake!" He held the door open to our small condo laundry room I sighed shaking my head "I must be CRAZY! What the hell is WRONG with you!?!" I spatted all I could at him in my protest of the whole situation his lying to his friend got us in... as I sat in complete darkness trying to breath as sweat rolled down my face I thought to myself "Wait a second! 2 minuets ago I was napping on the the cold summer breeze of my open screen door!?!? When Tony flew through the front door exclaiming "QUICK! DEBBY! HIDE...Hide, hide, hide! I told Kelly you were at work and so he can't find you HERE!!!" I responded with a start from my sound asleep nap time..."What the fuck Tony! I was asleep!?!?" He grabbed my arm pushing me down the hallway "HURRY! he will be here any minuet now! You are suppose to be at work!" I bewildering headed into the bedroom responding "But I am not working today sooooo......WHY would you lie about THAT????" Tony stopped moving frantically for a moment knowing he would get an ass chewing from me if  I knew all the facts. I waited and watched on in a big frown as he explained "Wwwwwelllllllll, see Kel wanted me to go to a party but I didn't want to go so I told him while chatting outside on the phone that you were at work see, thinking this would put an end to me having to go with him since I need to pick you up soon.... but he then said "Okay I'm almost to Boise so I'll stop by for a second and hang out." I was all like "That's cool" but now YOU have to hide!" I stared on into my husband's quick story, this isn't the first time nor will be the last of crazy moments in my life as I sighed annoyingly going into to sit down hidden out of sight for maybe an hour or more thinking to myself ......Ooooh the things we do for love!?!?

Tuesday, October 8, 2013


There is this really funny show about actually nothing, called "Seinfeld" With it's 9 seasons of successful quotes and jokes still living on!
Because it is so famous I use it all the time to describe my husband's personality, he is spot on with George! In fact this makes me more like Kramer when I watch these episodes again. When the first episode aired on July 5, 1989 I never saw it, It was up to my father at that time what he wanted to watch and he describe the show as annoying and boring. Funny as I grew up this show was always interesting to me....Comedians like Jerry Seinfeld who did stand up before or in the middle of the sitcom made me laugh out loud and respond to the story line of not being any story line. Seinfeld was a show that captured REAL LIFE. We ALL sit in coffee shops chatting over the stories in our lives, this back and forth is very normal. We all want to have social events and conversation about the truth that sometime life is JUST this right now conversation over when to change the toilet paper role or if peeing in the shower is even safe.  "Seinfeld" is actually not a show about nothing in the end it is about  EVERYTHING! I know for myself that I dance like Elaine, talk to my husband just like Jerry, especially when he talks to George , and I also think exactly like Kramer! So in watching all of these episodes back to back over the years I have a profound appreciation for this sitcom. It is fun when friends get together quoting the scenes back and forth, when we would played Seinfeld trivia at the Table Rock pub! It will always be a CLASSIC show, a kind of age defining moment in our culture when a 18 years old says "Never heard of it" the whole room of people responses into huge protest because it was such a part of many families Thursday night routine to watch it air on the TV screen back in the day! 
The last episode was on May 14, 1998 it was a smart choice to end before the style of the show grew to old or mindless. This show was one of a kind, so many other sitcom have tried to model themselves after "Seinfeld" failing of course to capture in under 30 minuets what these four people did!
I really like watching this show even now I think to myself that there is no such thing as being about nothing, everyday life, the good and bad nakedness, the big salad or the soup nazi is actually about is a about REAL life in which we all can relate to!
When Larry David explained how he wrote the last episode I totally got it and will always think such good things like this sitcom "Seinfeld" ended all to soon!

(Then of course I HAVE to mention there was January 6, 2006 when Jerry Seinfeld came to Boise Idaho for his stand up routine, my sides hurt from laughing so hard for I was beyond thrilled to get second row seats. He did a quick question and answer time with the audience so someone asked when he would come back to TV again, he mentioned being on one of the episodes in Larry David's new show I exclaimed without thinking loudly "I SAW YOU!" Jerry pointed at me saying "See, She saw me....I am on TV here and there now." I flushed with amazement that he heard what I said so I lived on that high from the event for awhile of course hahahahahahahahahahahahaha)

Monday, October 7, 2013


Here is my most favorite comedy sitcom of ALL time!
This started up when TV was thriving into the daily real time lives of homes in America. Before the change of choosing what to watch when you the viewer wants, back then when I was a teenager we planned our whole day around the shows airing at night on the clock. If you missed the time that it was being aired you couldn't record or go back another day to re-watch the episode.
 In today's world TV doesn't control our schedules anymore. I use to race home Thursday nights in hope to capture this comical show of a family in the sky scrapers of Seattle!
The very fist episode of "Frasier" aired on
 September 16, 1993 and maybe I am kinda crazy to be able to remember it on the TV in the background for we were in the middle of the harvest season on the orchard farm. tractors, 4-wheelers coming and going long hours and hard work. I was helping my very pregnant mother can peaches as "Frasier" unfolded for the very first time on screen. I was laughing and chuckling to myself so much that my mother got annoyed with me asking "Now are you paying attention to those jars? They have to stay clean as you put the peaches in them." It became apart my life from that evening on, I even ended up marrying into a family exactly like "Frasier"!
I love this show even more now as it's 11 seasons are over, last episode ended on May 3, 2004. I felt sad when it was over because it was such apart of my choice in what to watch on TV. The jokes and most importantly the family dynamics were what brought me back in the comforting show time and time again. I love dialogue, intelligent thoughts and good classy jokes which this show always captured and entertained on a high level of laughter. This show connects both on the emotional and philosophical levels that makes me never bored in watching it. I love that this show is now at my finger tips whenever I need to remember of a time I came from. My husband and his brother are Frasier and Niels in almost every way, while their Dad drinks a beer with his dog on his lap! It all makes such relating connections in my life that I am in awe with even more laughter! As Niel's wife never shows up to any family event because of her sensitive emotional state or how their Dad re-marries makes me watch on in awe with a new found joy that THIS is most defiantly the family I married into! 
Now I knew I liked this show back in the very beginning for a's rather my own life unfolding on screen and I deeply LOVE it!......SO does this mean I am Daphne or Roz?
Hmmmmmmmmmmm.......I wonder!!!
Perhaps in all respect I am just Eddie laying on the floor looking up with a smile hahahahahahaha

"Frasier" is the best sitcom out there in all of history I'm tellin' ya!

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Downton Abbey

            It's the most magical sound as the theme song unfolds my excitement shoots through the roof! So I grab my snacks and my blanket to settle in for the unfolding drama of stepping back in time, in seeing this huge Manson come to life, following through all the rooms and all many conversations in the household staff. The show begins and ends way to soon!  
"Downton Abbey" began on the PBS Masterpiece, I was browsing the website one random night, being on my own I was looking for a Victorian style show. I was instantly pleased by this new show and never stopped following it since!
This show reveals the layers of an old society now lost into our history. It plays out in such a romantic way capturing all of life in the main family, in their servants and throughout war which changes all the usual traditional way in thinking.
"Downton Abbey" becomes the kind of show that stays with the viewer in a peaceful, classy way. I love all the landscape, the rich decor and the way the ladies all dress. It often reminds me how manners and social norms need to stay in place for the respect towards others and proof in good character. As I watched a certain episode that I don't desire to ever watch again last year on my birthday my husband replied "These damn shows you watch! Everything has to be so profound for you! This is exactly why I like to stick to comedy, Why can't we just watch "King of the Hill." You don't cry like that afterwords." 
I wiped my eyes with a warm wet cloth laughing at his annoyance for "Downton Abbey" went into such raw emotions and real life experiences leaving me drowning in my reaction and shock. Powerful, beautiful and magical is how  I would describe this show and every time the theme songs plays I feel excited again to keep on watching!

Friday, October 4, 2013

Mad Men

This is a show that will transport you back across the decades to when our parents grew up! Deeply rich in colors and style I liked this show right away! Then in the last season it bombed into a million little pieces of hard to even know where the structure to this show went! 
Sad, when shows flops in it's last season but it happens and with "Mad Men" that first original idea which gave it the jump start into our lives came crashing down into any other day time soap opera. It was such a dark story by the very end, What I dreaded while watching that last season was that it dragged on into pointless directions...(it was also very sad ending with no real point by the way)
When I discovered "Mad Men" I ate up the dialogue and strategies in advertising, in the way life was back in the 1960's! It was stylish, it was all new and it was going somewhere! Back in those first couple of seasons I really admired this show and even followed interviews over how the writer wanted to capture the era before all those memories were lost. The way of life for home making mothers, or career seeking young ladies was vibrant in this show, the common knowledge most lunch hours were for the office men to be refreshed by their girlfriends in the city. It had me wondering once again why they take such an interesting show only to put the sexual drive above the rest of life unfolding. I wanted to learn more about all the ways they worked in the buzz of the office, in how they came up with clever catch phrases and how the famous consuming way of America got started! I guess after awhile they went more with the sex of the show then instead going with the whole deeper meanings in life of those times when civil rights arrived in full force and women demanded equal job titles. I would have watched this show for hours if it had stayed mostly in the office of advertising, along side national history but sadly I found myself grateful it all came to an end......In fact it has made me even more glad to live in the future! 

Thursday, October 3, 2013

The Walking Dead

This show was just going to be my own Halloween delight when I first heard about it and THEN I watched the very first episode and I was hooked!
What would I do if such things happened in real life???? I want to know how to shoot a gun was my first thought after the first season of "The Walking Dead" where a virus takes hold into the human brain controlling only the desire for eating warm blooded living beings. THIS is a scary ass show! I love it because I now know the group of survivors and what is going on, my husband said while watching with me that I would have been Daryl if I was put into the show, now I liked that statement even though Daryl is a GUY! (Guess I am kinda a guy at times in my survival outlook.) 
This show is amazing in both drama and special effects, that small group mentality and being there for each other makes me come back to each and every episode as if I could learn something. It's a show that has been growing in popularity and loyalty, it is even harder to wait week to week for each new updated episode as they often leave you hanging into what is happening. Every so often I find myself falling over in protest "WHAT? Wait! What kind of ENDING IS THAT!?!?!?!" Then my husband chuckles at me saying "Ya know they write these shows with the idea of a viewer like YOU, someone who response exactly like THAT." I take a deep breath and sigh "Damn Zombies! They are growing into bigger herds! I can't go to sleep NOW! I have to stay up and finish this season!"
These new drama shows bring out how we are not always aware of the danger, how we don't see what is the next move or how to stay safe while we sleep. It shows how quickly big cities fall and the rare hidden farmhouse might be the only place for awhile to rest and think.
The scavenger job would be my most favorite, finding things that could help the camp site and seeing what the abandon buildings look like. Learning the way of being protective in meeting strangers, in finding a safer home. Truly I would more likely be the cook in such a scenario for running out of food is no joking matter that even the zombies would be the last of my fears if we all starve!
This show makes me exhausted while watching it at times, I am more of a nesting kind of person who could turn any cold corner into a nicely made home, if that kept getting interrupted I would get frustrated and eventually start thinking of these zombies as though they are just alley rats full of annoyance, needing to be shot!
This show reveals the basic human condition to learn a new way of living and how easily we are adapting to the new surroundings. Those bloody shocking scenes of zombies eating their prey become apart of the landscape, with only the wise and healthy who will survive in the end. All in all this show brings me around to hoping I can survive along side everyone else!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Breaking Bad

It surprised me that I was watching this show, I don't like anything about meth so I thought if this drama series glorified meth I would NOT watch it.
Yet it was fascinating and heart breaking for a show i never thought i would actually like to watch....I also never thought a show would become such a huge topic in discussions, in choosing sides over right and wrong! It has changed me, because I was a fighter for against the making of meth and yet if the demand wasn't there then it wouldn't be even an issue...I can not stop the demand nor can I be a hot headed cowboy like Hank. I might have been the only one who liked Hank, it just made me feel safe with him around. Walter White was a loose cannon this show revealed his insecurities and fears then arriving to his huge growing ego.....I couldn't be on his team simply because I would never want meth a possibility for anyone.
It surprised me that this show was both ugly and beautiful, desperate and dazzling. 
My husband and I never had so many deep discussions, we disagreed quickly having the show on pause until both our ideas were heard. I sided instantly with my knee jerk emotional reaction in all of this being a big fat NO....while he saw the hidden meanings of people needing to control others, if the demand is there why not profit from it? 
It's a great show when it can challenge the viewer and mentally take you there in the show!
I never thought I would ever give this much thought to why people escape in hurtful ways such as meth but they do and it is really happening all around us, there is this pain in facing life no matter what medication you would choose, for it's in that self-pity story we can justify anything.......I realize after watching this show, some one is paying a lot of money for that blue crystal, if there wasn't a demand then it wouldn't be such a disturbing real life topic. Breaking Bad taught me that there is no right or wrong to the world of hurtful pain, being strong enough to heal or to give up is all an individual choice.
In the end everything we chase won't last, it's a choice of what is most important to us, I can't say it enough meth will ruin your whole life and all the lives of those who love you! but I am not so sure anymore in my ideas of right and wrong which makes this one of those shows I will never forget having seen! It's important to always keep learning and trying to find the right path in this life time that we all have, eventually we learn what we were meant to and who we really are when it's all said and done.