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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

My Favorite things

In the reflective awareness of this year 2011, I will list a few of my favorite things I discovered in this 12 month time.....

1.Remember "Hachi"
I LOVED this movie, still do actually...
There is a force bigger then ourselves at work in this world, our dogs understand it and share it with us. That is, if we are paying attention....

2. My favorite song for all of this year is; "Fix You" by Cold Play 
but their newest song "Paradise" came out just this year and I have it on repeat when I need to twirl and dance again! 

3. For the love of foods! Without wonderful dishes and delightful flavors life would be a boring place....I am glad to have my own kitchen and keep my tummy happy with all these yummy things to eat! (Now I need a good paleo recipe for pizza crust and then I can eat this again! Ha!)

4. Going to Stanley Idaho was a big highlight this year, hiking the trails in the forest  and taking in all the nature around us was a comfortable magical time. It was so good for my soul to be strong enough from such a good road trip, in facing the next following weeks still to unfold...

5. At the first of this year I got the book club to read "Rose in a Storm", It was exciting and easy to read! Then the follow up was fun as I excitedly shared what I love about Rose (a REAL LIVE DOG in this fictional novel.)Of course Now our Rose has passed away only a few days ago...yet her books still remain on my shelves as a reminder of how fast our lives fly by! How amazing it is to share that time with our dogs!!!

6.Gardening grows rich and strong the more you do it and discover the joys in soil and sun! My most favorite pair of shoes this year are my crocs....They are still around each time I pop out my back door into my favorite part of my home that huge fenced in yard!

This year reviews are loaded with so many memories and easily captured because I tried to post each and every day as a personal goal. I am looking forward to writing without a dead line next year...2011 wasn't the amazing magical happiness I was hoping for, but I have learned so much in such changes that I will await the new year maybe a bit more wiser then wishful. My favorite things list will always keep growing along with my years! 

Happy New start to a better year for ALL!

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