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Monday, October 31, 2011

Reflective October

When every year October comes around I have noticed a big part of my questioning mind finds peace....Usually after my road trip among such changing leaves or in my long late afternoon walks in the park. I see the season changes so clearly that I feel a change inside of me as well. I am inventing myself from what I have learned over that busy past year. In my heart I see OCTOBER arrive to reflectively heal me. I do enjoy this month no matter how hard it is for me to face things within my history, within my heart.....Maybe its hard because I am digging down deep to understand myself and the lives around me better? October brings us to that turning point, showing us how nothing is staying the same. It's full of beautiful days in vibrant new colors and changing weather. I find myself strong for the cold winter to come and wiser for the next gardening lessons in spring....
This morning I say goodbye to this reflective October and hello to the holidays!  
Happy Halloween Everyone!

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