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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Mom's Birthday

Since my mother's stroke this last July, our days are usually filled with her speech therapy, occupational and physical therapies sessions. With her transfers from the wheel chair to the bed from the bed to the bathroom. With her nurses or therapy teachers she walks a few steps or get to hold on to her walker or canes. Among her medications, blood drawn or evaluations the doctors discuss and explain her situation. Her whole life is changed, She is changed....I love how honest she is now about how she thinks or feels. How spunky and clever she is in problem solving or trying to get things she wants. In her good or bad days I take them equally, knowing she has so much to process. I love melting into her soft cheeks and looking her in the eye. I love how we have her still in our lives when it came down to seconds of loosing her soul all together! This is her birthday weekend where she gets passes from the hospital to go home and see her teenaged boys. She gets to see their football game, their hard work on her new home. Mom even gets to go to church today with Dad. I am so happy for her! She has worked very hard everyday at therapy in her hopes to walk again and in her new limited sight. I was remembering when they said that Mom may never eat real food again, and I cried over that thinking she would HATE that so much....then she proves them wrong by eating determinedly. Now she walks with help even though it was said she may never walk again! My mother turned 54, so I watch in awe and in hope at how far she has come!  

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