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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Big Butts or Skinny Butts

Over this weekend in Kennewick Washington, My Aunt Chris was amazing in getting us a limo to ride in on our wine tasting. I was so impressed by how nice it was to have a ride where we all could be together. My Aunt Vetta was the one to say that if we had all the skinny butts in one seat then we all would fit better. This conversation ended up a joke for the rest of the trip about butt sizes. I made a comment that I was glad everyone liked their butt size so we could be proud to sit in such a limo. I wonder how many women could joke about butts like this and not get upset or insecure? I had always loved my butt even when I was a size 18 and now at a size 12 I still love it! My Husband said I had a heart shaped butt it made me realize on that butts no matter the size should be loved! It was fun to joke about our butts as we are all family with familiar traits and looks. I think what impressed me the most was how confident and beautiful we are, how our butt no matter the size fits happily next to each other as we enjoy the ride!

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