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Wednesday, October 12, 2011


It was beautiful last night, a clear crisp fall evening. 
The sunset was truly amazing! My husband Tony took me out for 
cocktails and to see a play that my friend Brecca was acting in! 
It was such a FUN time,  
the play was called "Eurydice"
About a young lady in love and recently
married to a musician. Her father had died, 
leaving her to miss him during her wedding. 
When her own sudden
death unfolds, 
her musical husband tries to then find her. 
While she learns how to live in 
the underworld with the 
talking stones and her father. 
An opportunity comes along 
where she could be rescued 
to be alive again, 
But sudden fear keeps her 
from going for it. 
I thought it was a powerful story 
of what is true love and 
how important it is to live without fear. 
My friend Brecca played a colorful loud stone
talking to Eurydice after she had a died. 
I truly LOVE watching acting and plays!
When Tony described this play 
like a Romeo and Juliet story line, 
Brecca chuckled in reply 
saying "Like a really morbid version." 
I really liked how sad it had ended 
because I feel my own self sad,
maybe even a bit fearful also....... 

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