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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Scary Movies

 The Exorcist  was recommended by my father-in-law as a classic scary movie, so on our first Halloween married my husband and I rented it. In that dark October night in 2003 we watched this film from behind our big white fluffy new pillows. We squealed and hid as we watched the story unfold about evil spirits fighting with the priests. I truly hated the ending, the unknown spiritual world was freaking me out also! Then I realized that one scary movie a year was okay since I am not sleeping alone anymore:-)

The Shining  is without a doubt one of the most scariest movies I had ever seen and so on our second Halloween night in 2004 with a big bowl of popcorn and large beers we watched this classic! I really think Jack Nicholson has the best facial expressions in this movie, he actually already looks a bit scary to begin with.... 

The Blaire witch Project I had never seen this movie when it came out because of how scary I had heard it was but on our traditional Halloween night in 2005 we watched it. I was amazed by the unique way the movie was filmed as if it was any ol' home movie and how funny it was when my husband jumped or grabbed on to me even though he had seen it all before...Once again the ending left me frustrated as you really are left in the unknown.

30 days of Night  has to be one of my most favorite scary movies of all time, the story unfolds quickly but allows you to know what is happening at the same time. It has new twists and turns that make it better then just any other vampire movie. I loved that Halloween of 2006 when we watched this because we watched it a second time in a row to understand it better. 
(I still think watching it never gets boring!)

The Exorcism of Emily Rose Now I wasn't going to watch this once I understand how real this story is said to be...but when my husband got all his co-workers together for this Halloween in 2007 then I didn't feel so frighten to watch it. Although I have never liked movies about evil spirits or being possessed. In a big group with Halloween candy and sodas I was really impressed with this movie while not as frighten!

The Uninvited  We watched this movie at our friend's house with the interruption of trick or treat-ers at the door in 2008. It still was a very exciting story of a daughter suspicious of how her mother died and what her father was up to...Even though the ending wasn't what I thought it would be, it was still a good scary story for Halloween!

SAW Now in 2009 my clear understanding about scary movies is that I hate gory or extra bloodiness movies... and 
I vowed NEVER to watch SAW because of such crazy grossness, then my husband said he thought it would be perfect for our usual Halloween tradition. I give the movie credit for it's cleverness, I am glad to have seen what all the fuss was about, Even though I will not watch any additional Saw movies out there....Maybe I am becoming a scary movie snob?

The Crazies was the last scary movie in our lonely boring condo where no one came to trick or treat, where no one decorated or dressed up. I had been waiting for months to watch this movie knowing it would be the kind of scary movie I liked....small town community has local people freaking out and killing each other yet the excitement of how to survive goes through out the whole movie to have you wondering why? So on that Halloween late late into the night of 2010 after we had handed out candy at my brother-in-law's place, we watched this really good scary movie! I still think it's a PERFECT movie for Halloween!

(I like the more thriller type scary instead of the murderous senseless movies..... YUP I am a scary movie snob now)


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