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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Care for Nature

When I think of my role-model for caring for nature, I would state that my years growing up on the Orchard farm was my role-model was my Grandpa Graber. He loved his farm land and hardly ever left those immaculate fruit trees and well cared for land. He was a very tall thin man with a wise way in dealing with nature, with all the creatures that lived all around. He had a calmness that allowed me to feel safe around him. I spent hours following him around from orchard row to orchard row. He would lift me up into a tree branch to see newly born baby birds and tell me what kind of birds they were. I remember exclaiming "They are UGLY! Ooooh gross baby birds look mice with wings!" Grandpa Ansil chuckled setting me back down in the loose dirt  path way. I was terrified of mice automatically, I lived in a home full of those dirty pests race out from behind closed doors or climbing down window blinds. I had mice jumping up in my bed, or running over my pillow next to my sleeping head or chewing on my cloths in the closet. When I saw those baby birds I was already hyper sensitive to any mice looking thing. Grandpa was always looking over and caring for nature on his huge farm. His slow mannerisms, his quietness allowed him to get close to animals. I really did learn so much from him, I hope that when I reach his golden age I will keep carrying on his job to care for nature also. Grandpa pick up a worm to feed those baby birds as I squealed a bit while watching, "Oh SICK....worms gross...ewww!" He was smiling as he calmly fed the birds. Then he said "They will grow up to be beautiful birds and you can say that you got to care for them as babies." Grandpa was the kind of farmer who left behind the care of nature to the next generations. 
May we always take care!

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