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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Maybe....I am Gypsy?

I have 3 favorite stores downtown Boise for clothes shopping,  
Eyes of the world imports,  
The Lux fashion lounge,

I have become more playful with colors since I clearly understand LIFE is short so let's color it BRIGHT and BEAUTIFUL!

I think such vibrant colors help bring me out of my sadness, bring me actually back to my deep joy and love inside my soul. From having shared over these past 3 months about my mother's stroke, I have learned colors can be such a big comfort! We ALL go through many things in our life time, learning more about who we are and what we are made of......I am hoping I can heal, as I move forward into the next life story or events....Such beautiful things like these clothes makes me want to be a part of the Rainbow!


  1. You have ALWAYS love colors! It's part of the beautiful person you are! I'm so thankful for your natural ability to see the rainbow through any dark clouds that come your way! You're a beautiful soul, Debby!

  2. Thank you sweet Laura! I love Ya Girl!