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Monday, October 3, 2011

Her Birthday Party

We went out to my parent's home this last Friday, Mom had a hospital pass to visit. It was such a warm summer like evening with a panoramic view of the valley below. It was such a striking sunset I noticed instantly! My brothers had a football game that late afternoon, So we set our Mother up in her wheel chair on her new patio of the little blue cottage. The whole cottage is undergoing construction for all the handicap access that mom will need to live there again. It is going to be such a nice place to live with a wide open shower and handle bars. The view alone from the living room and patio is in it's self very entertaining. My family gathered there on that lovely evening to eat pizza and visit with Mom. When my Uncle Dan showed up with his married kids and their spouses I was thrilled! Having family like this come and be there for love, laughter and support made me feel truly blessed, truly at peace! Mom wanted to instantly get up and walk around so with some help she did. She told me if she could have her walker then she could entertain better. I chuckled at her desire to still entertain, there were many things she was feeling being back in her own home again. The whole family group made the event, the night wonderful, I enjoyed the visiting and singing happy birthday to Mom as she sat in her wheel chair. I admire my Uncle Dan and Aunt Sonja for always being there during all of this drama over the summer and now as we enter October. I can see their helpfulness and compassion shine through them in how family should always be.....Their children have grown into adults that I am happy to have as friends. I am comforted by how easy it is to feel close and see their loving family be there. It was a beautiful night, it was good for my mom to have her birthday party and nice for my dad to have all of us kids around to help him. It was good to hear my brother Derek laugh and my Sister Dana share her stories with her own kids in her arms. It was good to see how proud my brother Davey is of new looking cottage, how my brother Daren made a touch down during the game and how my brother Doug stayed close to Mom's side. While my husband Tony chatted with my brother-in-law Phil, while I sat next to my cousins thinking how wonderful it is to see them happily married.....I step back to let the moment be remembered and be loved!

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