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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Friskie the Cat

I was just a little girl when I remember watching my Aunt Karen who was in high school play girls basketball in Greenleaf, Idaho. She also had a pet cat named Friskie at the time, I was afraid of that cat! It often jumped up on me or tried to paw at me so I was thinking it was out to get me!  When My Aunt Karen and my Aunt Kathy asked my mom if I could sleep over with them. I felt extremely special out of my mom's 3 kids I got to sleep at the farm. My Grandparents had guests over that night with holiday foods set out for snacks. My Grandma Norma had a decorate Christmas tree on the kitchen counter with gum drops candies hooked up to grab and go. I remember thinking it was truly magical all the ways she set out food for her company. My Aunts got me into bed in my Aunt Kathy's bedroom and I woke up in the middle of the night to Friskie the cat coming into that room mowing on getting on my bed. I was completely panicked by it thinking the cat had come in to bite me so I yelled out to my Grandpa Ansil. When I think of a gentle soul, a loving calm Grandparent then I remember my Grandpa Graber. So as I knew my aunts were asleep in the basement, I called for my Grandpa to help me with the cat in my bed. Grandpa was a tall man in a white t-shirt, with messy sticking up gray hair. He came through the open bedroom door asking me what was wrong. I was starting to cry as the cat rubbed up against me....
"GRANDPA. GRANDPA!" (I had felt safe enough to wake him up to help me because he wouldn't have ever lost his temper or think I was crazy) He walked into the room sleepily everything was a dark as he stumbled into the room I was sitting straight up as the cat walked over my pillows. "Grandpa the cat is IN HERE on my bed! Friskie is going to bite me!" I explained in such a panic. Grandpa chuckled and replied "Silly Cat scaring the little won't bite her now will ya?" He wasn't really awake I noticed as he talked to the cat. I thought it was odd he referred to cat as if a person understanding the situation. Grandpa then picked up a big St. Bernard stuffed dog from all the stuffed toys on the bed. I watched him very closely wondering what he was doing as he walked out of the room saying "Okay now go back to sleep the cat and I are leaving..." I begin to giggle as he left for he thought he had picked up the cat. That stuffed animal was big enough to be the cat. "Grandpa, that's the toy dog! The cat is on my pillow.....right here." He stopped at the doorway surprised then he chuckled as he came back for the lively cat. "Well that explains why I thought the cat was asleep...." I was giggling so much that I knew even after he left with the door closed so I was safe again from the cat, that I would remember this funny moment forever.

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