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Friday, October 14, 2011

Going Home

My Mother goes home today, she has spent 3 months in the hospital and now on this day she gets to go home and stay there in her newly remolded cottage. With the surrounding apple orchards as they grow wild and free! She will be able to sleep without noises and shower however long she wants. Being home where her teenaged boys have missed her, where she was even born 54 years ago....this has been a long hard job and recovery for her to finally be free of the hospital:-) I am so very happy she can be back in the place she loves the most.....Home.
And I will be hitting the road soon also, taking my yearly road trip in October! The one where I go on my own to discover new sights and sounds! Where I am excited to see someone or just sing to all my favorite songs.......
Have a happy GOOD Day! 

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