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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Hospital days

NO ONE is going to miss the hospital when my mother gets to go home. We may miss the easy quick help of the nurses or the information from the doctors. But the room it self will not be missed. There aren't any comfortable furniture, there are all kinds of crazy noises, hallway conversations and lots of people. I think for me walking down the hallway when everyone's TV is on becomes annoying that I have to really tune it out. My mom is still going through her therapies, still learning what her paralyzed left side can or can not do.  Yesterday I was thinking how hospitals have their place but they need so much more personal touch ups....Even though I am not at the hospital every single hour or day I still feel that now after almost 3 months with my mother here, I just don't care for hospitals. If I created my own hospital it would BEAUTIFUL and COZY full of good healthy foods and vitamins....lots of sun light and soft comforting chairs. Every hanging picture would tell a story in vibrant colors and there would be real fresh flower bouquets in every waiting room:-) MY idea of home away from home would be lavender scented. Last night I helped my mom with her shower and we enjoyed it. We took our time I let her soak as long as she wanted, we talked about a whole range of womanly things.....I was thinking those hospital shower rooms NEED lots of work TOO! Where is ALL this money going? If it cost so much per day at a hospital then where the hell does those dollar signs go? How about a 3 shower head room so that while one is portable the patient is still in warm raining water? How about shower seats with soft cushion seats? Seriously, I would just think hospital could afford a better setup...instead I am left feeling like we are in a warehouse:-} Mom helped me roll her wet hair as I got her all cozily in bed. I guess the things I can change is to create a sense of an Oasis for her in her own private room. She looked warm and sleepily in the soft orange light glow in her bed as I kissed her Goodnight. We simply won't miss these hospital days.....yet I am so glad that I am here for them as well.

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