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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Romance Rules

It was such a fun event to attend my cousin's bridal shower this past spring. I wasn't sure if my mother was going to be there, as it was her brother's oldest daughter. But when I sat next to her during the games. I realized just how very different I am, how I love being around family and friends so much no matter such differences. There was a game with a list of questions to answer about my cousin. When one of the questions asked who was her first boyfriend, my mother shook her head annoyingly as she explained to me "It doesn't matter, it is NOT important...what matters is who she will be with for the rest of her life now. Because everyone else was a mistake until she found her spouse." I realized that my mother has always had very strong views on marriage and often told me that her and my father never did anything until they were married. I usually just nodded as she continued on her proper marriage steps speeches, thinking to myself that I didn't care nor did I actually want to know. Whatever love story my parents had or have was personal to them and if it's strong, real or honest then it simply shows forth without words to explain it. I realize this conversation with my mom was a couple months before her stroke....BUT I still wonder why she had to say all that at the bridal shower?  The game was fun no matter how it upset my mother, I liked how my aunt got all the questions right since this "bride to be" was her own daughter. I was very happy to see how close and loving they all were with each other in the family. I also enjoyed joking around with my mother through out the evening, She still had her set rules at the ready for another life lesson. I tried to change the topic whenever her speeches started up again, I chuckled in reply to her annoyance over the previous boyfriend question saying "Sometimes you learn what you like or don't like in a partner after having a few funny experiences in dating or in that first boyfriend....Romance can make a great story!" I smiled as mom rolled her eyes even though a few people around the table nodded at me.  There is a big wide world full of romance and love stories out there that I love to hear about, either with all the rules or not...every love story is personally different to each and everyone. After that evening as I drove home thinking about what my mother said, I realized that such "romance rules" are different to us all. There is no limit to living with LOVE.....for the connections are endless!

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