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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Until next year...

I am pretty much done with scary movies now, this last week my husband went down a list of the most popular scary movies out there such as "Friday the 13th", "The Thing", "The Fly" and "Poltergeist". I thought that "Friday the 13th" was totally stupid, and "the thing" wasn't built up enough on the fear factor like it could of been. Although it was still really interesting I thought "The Thing" was a clever story line reminding me of all the "Alien" movies I have seen. "The Fly" was slow moving and really gross towards the end of the movie, I didn't like it at all. Now however I am never watching "Poltergeist" again because that was truly freaky! Even a bit crazy yet a good kind of scary story..... Then my husband found this movie entitled "The Fourth Kind" maybe one of the scariest movies I have ever seen! I literally screamed out loud while watching it and I haven't done THAT since watching "What Lies beneath."  years ago! Every night this week has been a few scary movies....I am thinking I can wait until next year to see anymore! It is fun to see what are classics and what are really scary, what are flops or repeated story lines....The more I educate on scary movies the more I know a really good one is worth sharing! There is quite a bit crappy gross films I do not like out there. But as the early dark nights of October come around scary movies have such a thrilling feeling to watch them...So until next year!

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