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Friday, October 28, 2011

My first Halloween

During the afternoons I spent with my mother at the hospital over the last 3 months we would sit and talk about everything and anything. I enjoyed hearing all about my mother's memories and her life stories. Those were moments to always remember, I loved learning how in my first Halloween before I was a year old my mother dressed me up as a Raggedy Ann Doll.  (I LOVE this story about Raggedy Ann) Ironically my mother thought I was so cute as a baby raggedy Ann and she always felt left out on Halloween as a christian kid (hmmmmm ME TOO). While she celebrated Halloween in my first year, she also explain how it really made her father mad and disappointed in her parenting. So she decided to never dress me up for Halloween again, if it really IS Satan's birthday then she doesn't want her kids to participate....Mom explain it all very simply to me from her hospital bed. She commented "I never saw it as a bad thing until that first year when you were born....then I realized I have to protect you from such an evil holiday." I nodded listening seeing it all from her eyes in much better way. I explained about how excited I was to be a fairy this upcoming year and last year I was a Fortuneteller with a crystal ball in my hand that the kids all loved looking at when getting candy. She smiled and said "Well see that all sounds like's to bad they can make it such a gross scary holiday." I explained how my Halloween is a very magical cute way of celebrating, that I also understand where the holiday comes from and I am not threaten by it. In my opinion Halloween is the beginning of the whole holiday season! (You can't help but get excited, and enjoy squealing when a flying ghost pops out from a dark tree)  
So let the holidays begin and have fun dressing up! 

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