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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Oscar's First Halloween

When my dog Oscar was a puppy I would walk him downtown Boise all the time. I was trying to get him use to all the noises and people. On his first Halloween I dressed him up (within reason) to look simply adorable! So on that beautiful warm crisp clear October morning he and I walked through the park straight to downtown. With his little fisherman's outfit on (That "Grandma" Jo Anne bought him.) It was fun to watch as the people walking by always stopped to bend down and pet him. Oscar strutted along beside me showing off even his pumpkin feet! When a business looking lady watched us she said with a smile "He sure knows he is cute" We both laugh at him as he sat down while the intersection light was red then he stood up ready to walk once it was green again. That Halloween was so much FUN as we enjoyed the bright warm sunshine on the patio of the coffee shop and Oscar wore his hat proudly!

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