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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A question of Change...

My Childhood was full of personalities in such a large extended family. I usually followed around faithfully my cousin Cally Ann for she was just 2 years older then me. Maybe I really needed a big sister in my heart, I noticed she was always quieter then most of the kids and even seemed contented on her own. She would find places to sit by herself out of sight or out of the way. She was always watching everyone as we had those big crowded family dinners. I remember the late evening when I found her again all those years ago. She was by herself hanging her legs over the high hanging patio to the dark gravel driveway that went around our Grandparent's home. I walked up quietly sliding down on the cool cement floor letting my shorter legs hang over with her. We both rested our arms between the wooden railing and looked out into the mountain side of ever green trees and big grown bushes. The distant sound of the highway traffic around the mountain filled the quietness, THAT and the loud laughter coming from inside the house full of family. I suddenly asked thoughtfully in my 12 year old mind, "What will happen to this house if ever Grandma or Papa died?" Instantly Cally Ann burst into tears and I was alarmed. She was beautiful with her long blonde hair laying down around her shoulders. I leaned in against her with my own soft tears as I apologized for making her cry. She half chuckle and half sob "Who asks those kinds of questions out loud? Leave it to YOU." she leaned into me as she said that. I proudly stated back "I will buy this house when that happens! Then the family will always be able to back here again....Like a family reunion." I smiled again at my conclusion. Cally laughed out loud then nodded "Or maybe I will just move in here and stay." I kept swing my legs next to hers enjoying the lovely evening in our quiet moment. I sadly said "Everything is changing....and I want to hold on to a place like this, a place I know and love." Cally hugged me right then as she said "Me too."

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