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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Mom's favorite Store

It was a surprise to me how changed my mother is about shopping since her stroke. When my sister and I took her down the road from the hospital to Ross, we were saying how mom would have bought out the entire store if she could. Which as Dad and I shared was NOT her way of shopping before.....
Yesterday I was happy to take mom to the mall at the new location of her favorite store, Kohl's. She had repetitively been asking to go with her coupon and it happened to be on a very rainy day. I didn't mind because it was such a peaceful place this new Kohl's with some Christmas decor out and that fresh new store smell. I chatted away with my mom thinking this was such a good event getting out of the hospital for awhile. She was more focused on her list for Christmas gifts, she looked truly adorable in my green hat and her colorful scarf. We kept her bundle up in the wheel chair as it was such a cold wet day. My Sister came along to help but really seemed in such a hurry for her class time starting. I assured Mom that we will go shopping many times again when we can take it slower and see more stores. The mall is a nice place to stroll down in her wheel chair and just people watch. She surprised me by buying a coffee maker for Dad, she said he should be able to drink coffee at home now. I was thrilled at how nice that was of her, there are so many moments when she says or does things that I can see how she has changed. Many of these changes are good things, many are how she is learning how to be again. I have changed also....I thought about how as I walked around KOHL'S, I use to run away from stores like these annoyed. NOW I stand among it all, the bright lights, rows of merchandise and big red sale signs, sensing in myself a calm, peaceful attitude. I might never be a big shopping person but for my mother I have changed and will take her there as many times as she wants. while I enjoy it all, enjoying time with her ANY WHERE.

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