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Monday, October 17, 2011

Trucking Home

Yesterday's road trip was more reflective and relaxed then my drive over there on Friday. 
This weekend flew by, I wanted to spend hours talking and getting to know everyone again. Being a part of it all was so comforting to me, no matter how old you grow or how long it's been there is just this sweet sense of connection, of support and womanhood among family. The drive home became very stormy but the approaching dark clouds were amazing to take in as I drove down the freeway. I come from such a big extended family that it's really fun to be apart of. I live a very peaceful life married with gardens or pets. My Hubby's extended family is a bit smaller, and not really connected. Remembering how my childhood was full of Aunts and Uncles or Cousins and Grandparents I feel very fortunate to have been born first in my family to catch those connections and relationships. Now my younger three brothers are not very familiar with those family members, the whole family structure changed with the histories, the stories and the years.....How happy I am to be an adult, to be aware of my freedom and self. I owe so much to who I am from all the colorful personalities of my family. I admire the love of these women as they balance each other out and support the next generation of women. There was a moment this summer where I longed for the comforting hugs of Aunts like when I was little and crying they would reach out sweep me up into their lap and I was safe again. They challenged my father when he needed correction, they encouraged my mother to let me dress up for fun with make up and the very second my life changed this summer over my mother's stroke, they prayed for me, they gave me such solid ground to stand again. My Aunts, each and every one of them has my heart string! Has my friendship and love! I was trucking along the road late afternoon looking at the valley and mountains thinking about how motherly love can come from us ALL and how we are closer for it.

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