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Sunday, October 23, 2011

NO more Hate Crimes

It was just a couple of weeks ago when a friend of mine was attacked and beaten for being a lesbian. She was able to share this event and I was so upset and truly sad. Then I was comforted to see all the support on her facebook page....
These hate crimes still happen...
Why do we have such hate inside of us? It's nothing new in our history as a society to struggle with those different from ourselves.....I realize this. BUT why does it STILL happen? We have more information available to us on what is same sex marriages, love and attraction. How heterosexual marriage dominate the system in society, yet I see them all as wonderful love stories, truly personal to each one of us! We should celebrate every soul and every relationship with the most honest love and support! Trying to understand why someone likes another person or whether you approve of it, IS NOT YOUR JOB. I grew up with such judgement all around me, about how other people were making bad marriage choices, it was all such gossip, it was just scandals. I grew up realizing from all of that strict judgment around me, that when I find love, I am the only one who can determined if it is right for me or not. Now days I don't buy into any of the biblical rules on what is proper marriage. For THIS is bigger then most people can grasp, it is LOVE, personal to each of us. Like I say all the time LOVE is far more powerful then any religion out there. Maybe this hatred is lesser then it use to be for the gay community, maybe it is NOT. I know in my own personal heart that I will fight this hate with every loving power I have within me to do so....
I liked what I heard once on the radio as a straight man said "Gay men do not come out of the closet without having first discovered the truth about themselves and are secure in their sexuality. So most straight guys are intimidated by them because of that sexual awareness and personal journey is clearly seen in that gay man. Most straight men need to catch up in their own confidence"

I believe there is room for all of us to create a life of Love and peace, no matter our sexuality, no matter our differences. We can share so much in our own personal love story. That Love for each other, ourselves and the whole world!
Then there really would be NO more hate crimes!

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