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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Watch the Movie Carefully

Whenever my mother got together with her friends, they would share a movie with the rest of us kids. So in front of one TV a dozen or more children would fill the space excitedly to watch the new flick. However I learned quickly in this kind of setting it was just a matter of time as the movie unfolded that the pause button would be soon in use.....There was always something very showy about these homeschooling christian mothers, they were almost trying to "Out Do" the other mothers, like pausing the button to explain how per-marital sex is a sin no matter how "in Love" these movie characters were. I was always confused by this because the chances of us kids seeing a kissing scene go actually into a sex scene was very rare as the mothers raced to hit the fast forward button in horror. These friends of my mother prayed out loud randomly when a movie suddenly turned "Sinful" by their standards. ( Also it was just another use for the pause button) Then there were the following debates among the mothers....for example;
Mother #1 says to my mother "I had no idea THAT would be in this movie it's a black and white film for pete's sake!"
My Mother replies "That is why I never rent many movies, I can't take the chance if I haven't already seen it first..." Mother #2 shares "I saw this movie when I was a kid and don't even remember THAT was in it." My mother rolls her eyes back at the #2 mother "Well YOU were raised outside a christian home and didn't know any better." Mother # 1 nods in agreement then the 3 mothers turn to us kids as we complain loudly that the movie is STILL in the pause mode. I was left sitting there listening to these mothers wondering to myself what was the problem in the first place???....I truly hated watching movie with these people the older I got. I noticed more weird  awkward behavior of the mothers as I matured. One time I clocked a simple 1 hour movie took 3 hours by the time each mother shared how important it was to never use curse words or save ourselves for marriage or there is no such thing as magic or the only happy ending is when we are in heaven. Looking back I think the most annoying of all was when we were half through a movie and the mothers decided it wasn't getting any better so they turned it off in the middle of the plot and sent us outside to play. We usually sat around guessing at how the movie had ended. Naturally I would memorized the interrupted movie's title for later, when I was able to watch it all the way to the end. How amazing it was to watch these old movies years later that were so "inappropriate" from my childhood. Truly I wondered to myself "What was the BIG DEAL? I can see for myself that it's just a movie not the way I will live my life....."  Ironically these "Issues of a sinful world" in a movie have away of allowing us to be aware of them, to know why or what they are. In my childhood I was so extremely sheltered that when faced with these same real life issues I couldn't make a judgement call without a bigger struggle to teach myself, to know what is really going on. I think the word "sin" is used to control people by fear, trying to enjoy a simple movie becomes such a personal battle against "Sin". 
The story and life lesson in the movie can be lost from the film as you reach for that pause button to pray "God should I be watching this? I want to...but I don't think I should...what do ya think?" 
Perhaps God is rolling his eyes just wishing for an actual "Pause button" to this world, with how crazy we can become......

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