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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Wine Weekend

This weekend is my get away to Kennewick Washington to meet up with my Aunts and their daughters. It will be amazing to also attend the wine tasting of Kitzke Cellars.
I am sure everything will be truly beautiful and fun, I love all of my aunts so much! They have been an amazing comfort through these past months with my mother in the hospital! I am also looking forward to connecting with my Grandma Eva, she has been such a sweet sensitive person over praying and thinking of her eldest son (my father) as he goes through such a dramatic life changing event. My mother and her haven't always got along but when Grandma said she feels like my mother is another daughter I couldn't help but let my tears fall....For life is strange in how we are all connected! I have been wanting to see my aunts and hug them face to face...Now on this trip I can! I love my family, I love my life and I am VERY sure I will LOVE this wine from our tasting:-D
Remember to drink in ALL Life has to share, especially with others!

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