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Thursday, October 20, 2011


I remember my Grandma's bedroom with a closet full of clothes flooding over and sticking out the doors. She even took over in the guest bedroom closet with more of her clothes. When it came to fashion and class my Grandma Norma went "To town" in pure style! Her hair was styled with sliver streaks and dark gray curls, Her make up was spotless and her jewelry was the old school "bling bling". Her clothes always match the light or heavy sweater she wore hanging over her shoulders. Each purse she owned was changed out along with each individual outfit. As a child I LOVED to touch her perfume collections of decade old scents and glass bottles. It was alarming to her if I actually DID touch these staged sparkling bottles. She had rose pedals laying dry among her perfumes. I saw that and copy it for my own bedroom when I was a teenager.....Grandma also taught me to wear my old farm shoes to the car then switch into my nice shoes once on the road to town. So the mud of the driveway stayed off my new shoes. When we shopped it was an ALL day event as the hour drive into Boise made us want to enjoy the whole day! So now when I smell perfume somewhere I think of my Grandma and miss her. Now I don't have the same collection of perfume and really the only scent I use is Lavender essential oils or lotions. Yet I can still be taken by surprise when I walk through a department store and smell instantly the memory of my Grandma Graber, it is as if she is walking along side me again......maybe just maybe she IS!

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