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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

My Mother's Humor

Yesterday when I hung out with my mom in her hospital room, I was doing her finger nails and visiting. She had gone home for the afternoon over the weekend. Mom explained to me with a chuckle "So Dad just panics that I will try to get up and walk then I would fall or something..." she explains with a wave of her strong hand. I smiled back in understanding about how she has never been one to make a big deal about herself, whenever the spotlight ever came to her she would simply duck out or get away trying keep to herself. Her stroke this past summer still annoys her greatly, because everyone knows about it and she feels exposed in this hospital spotlight. I have learn to advise her in a open honest way, I personally think the more she knows the more she can figure out for herself. That maybe she can have a sense of self-control or feel like she has some what of a say over her life. Mom kept explaining how when Dad takes her from the hospital he is very afraid of her falling. I reminded mom thoughtfully "Well...Mom you have fallen, you have had some close calls and so it's good Dad is aware of those possibilities. You need to remember this going home especially." Mom begin to giggle as she said "This weekend I was home with the boys and Dad left to get some milk telling them over and over again to watch me, to not let me get up. So I was thinking to myself "Oh for Pete's sake." then as soon as he was gone I said "Boys quick! Get me a long pole to hang on to so I can get up and walk around before Dad gets back! Those 3 pairs of eyes went instantly wide and the boys shouted together "Mom NO! You have to stay put!" I just laughed so much!" My mother was laughing again remembering and telling me this story, I had been laughing so much while listening that I couldn't finish her manicure. I truly LOVE my mother's humor and spunk! She will be going home this week, I know I won't get to see her everyday anymore as she will live an hour away, but I have enjoyed this time helping her and cheering her up. In truth she has cheered me up equally so! She has been through so much and still finds things to laugh at:-)

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  1. What a wonderful mother you have and what a lovely daughter SHE has. The world is a beautiful place but very different without a mom around.
    Hold on to her.