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Friday, November 4, 2011

"A Dog Year" my movie reveiw

It isn't any secret who my favorite author is....Now after attending his book signing this past spring in Portland Oregon, Jon Katz spoke of this movie inspired from his own book "A Dog Year" with Jeff Bridges playing Jon. How do I rate this movie? 
I simply don't. 
This was NOT Jon Katz, Jeff Bridges seemed to struggle at knowing Jon...maybe he never actually read the book, that this movie is based from!?!?! AUGH, I tried to like this movie so much since the book is one of my most favorite! But I am sorry Hollywood missed the message Jon wrote in "A Dog Year". When my Aunt Chris said after she had watched it, that this movie lack character development, and she was exactly right! This movie seemed to lacking many things, as it unfolded I cringed at the constant frown on Jeff Bridges face, as he got his new dog a Boarder Collie Devon/Orson...this is a very amazing connection between Jon and this new clever dog in his life, the book shared these new adventures. I didn't like Jeff Bridges playing Jon Katz like he was always pissed off at people or the dog ALL the time. Hollywood played up the angle that Jon had "Writer's Block". THIS also annoyed me so much because as Jon is such a good honest writer the truth is he was researching training Boarder Collies and still writing in his head on what he hoped to learn or share with his readers. He wasn't struggling like he was bored! There is just SO MUCH MORE to a person then can be explained in a movie, I wouldn't want something I wrote be butchered  like this movie was to Jon's book!
Like these facts and fictions,
  • Jon is NOT an asshole, Jeff Bridges plays a perfect asshole but that is not Jon....easily discovered in any one of Jon's books.
  • The death of Jon's Golden Labs was deeply emotional and loving in how the new Boarder Collie was there to help heal in moving forward. NOT like the movie were it's just added to the story suddenly....
  • In the movie I could clearly see how disconnected the dogs were from Jeff, like being with him was a job for them but clearly they had a REAL owner out there behind the scene...
  • Jeff talks in the third person way to much giving the facts of Jon Katz life out loud instead of just living them out, I thought it made him look like an idiot!
  • The movie made Jon Katz look deeply disturbed and depressed like he was a recovering alcoholic hating the whole world....but even in this setup in the story  they didn't get him to heal WITH the dog Devon (who is later renamed when Bedlam Farm comes about) they should have had a real friendship going here with man and dog ...hmmm I dunno like IN THE BOOK!!!!! Augh real life is way more interesting then Hollywood can grasp.
  • This movie also distorted Bedlam Farm, making it seem like no one wanted Jon to live there, that HE didn't want to live there either!?!? CRAZY MOVIE not even close to the real story:-}
"Wait! what happened?" I sat up looking at the power cord. The movie went black suddenly and oddly, so I replayed the last scene again. My husband replied "I think it's over...?" I squealed out "WHAT?!? It just ends like THAT?!?" I suddenly was on fire about how awful this movie was in comparison to the book. I explained the book out to my husband and explaining how they can't just end a movie like that! He shrugged and said "yeah it was pretty lame..." I started thinking how would I feel if I wrote a book and saw myself suddenly in a movie? It would be so difficult if that translation went wrong like Jon explained had happened with this movie. He was right about how the writing world is to real for Hollywood. I keep thinking about how this movie could have been wonderful and deeply touching to us all just like the book.....but then again I live in my writing world so I see it all differently then trying to make a movie, still I think I could have created a better movie no doubt!
NOT rating this movie, also NOT recommending it. The book is by far more emotional based and connected, the real person Jon Katz is by far better in person then mimicked by a Hollywood actor....then again WHO could that NOT be said about it?

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