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Sunday, November 27, 2011

For this I love

I have been thinking about all the different kinds of love out in the world, How do we give love to those around us who do not act like they care or are interested? I will always love first ask questions why do they not see this world FULL of Love? It can be describe as God's Love, The world's Love or your own personal love from the inside out......LOVE is the answer to anyone of us living right now to keep it alive in our hearts. Are you sad? are loved. Are you angry? well... you are loved. Are you mad? well... you are loved! In all things when you are loved and know it, then any of these emotions can not dominate you for very long. LOVE is our saving grace, I am loved and knowing this is wonderful, but most importantly I love who I am and how I can love the lives around me! I learned as a small child that even if people don't like or love me, then I can still love myself... and in sharing that love I have from the inside out makes me happy to be alive again! How beautiful is this world FULL of love in every level?!? My sweet pets love me and help me to laugh when I am sad....How amazing it is, this love we can share everywhere with everything!

Oscar and Sidda simply love.....without doubts or rules. I have learned so much from them <3

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