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Sunday, November 13, 2011

My Stroke of Insight Part 2

When I listened to this auto book on my road trip to Kennewick WA a few weeks ago. I was fascinated once again at how you need both sides of the brain to be a healthy balance person. I have ALWAYS loved the human brain and how it functions! I am drawn to radio programs and blogs on the brain. I realized that If I lived everyday in my right hemisphere then I would be so disconnected, unable to see myself from all the visual energy in the world. I would be dizzy from actually feeling the earth moving! AND I know I have actually felt that before living centered in my right side brain! SEE this is truly fascinating to me!
When I speak of everlasting unconditional love with the help of my right side brain, I am completely inspired and hopeful along side with connecting to my heart and soul! (and I love that feeling!) But without my left side brain then the right side would truly leave me floating away!
My left side hemisphere reminds me of who I am in this physical body. My story telling self moves forward giving voice to my right side brain ideas. I am planning ahead living in the left side, making lists and seeing the big picture for the future. I can be confident and stable with the knowledge that my left brain gives me. I can be real in this present moment and strong in how life unfolds, and then tell my story.
There are both good and bad ways in each section of the brain, How it works to protect us or relax us, how it can fight against each other inside of us like a battle field the mental contrast has to learn to work together or one side will dominate the other. It is AMAZING and MAGICAL for me in learning about the human brain, It is good to know how to work everything together for the best health and best overcome for myself, I know right when things get overly dramatic or extremely emotional inside my head, that the stories I choose to say can make or brake my attitude. Learning to change my story helps with living calmly and carrying forgiveness right along as I live. Can I work my brain to seek out grace for others and grace for myself? Can everything get along inside of my head first to create togetherness outside of my self also?

I read a quote of a lady who was 102 years old the other day, the reporter asked "How did you get to live this long?" She was smiling so brightly in her reply "I have a happy heart! Sadness is what wears us out..."
I thought over this for a long time, because I feel like I will be sad forever sometimes! It is important to take all the time you need to heal....But A happy heart is when the brain agrees to work together and the story we can tell about ourselves comes from our balance and our choice to get everything working correctly.
So seek to have a HAPPY HEART and LIVE A LONG LIFE with your amazing brain!!!

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